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Conscious Celebration

I can hardly believe that we are halfway through the year. That’s right—in less than six months, we will be reflecting on all that we accomplished and perhaps didn't accomplish—in 2024.

And so today, in realizing that we are halfway there—I am taking some time to pause, to acknowledge, and to mark my personal and professional wins, six-months into the year.

Here’s some of what I am celebrating …

🌟 I uprooted my life in the states, moved to Portugal, and did all the necessary bureaucratic tasks to become a resident

🌟 I fell in love with my bestie and stepped into a long distance committed relationship

🌟 I launched my new business: Leading with Love Coaching, LLC

🌟 I got certified as a Sacred Depths Coach

🌟 I earned more income and made a bigger impact in the first six-months of the year than any year before

🌟 I turned 50 in Barcelona

In order to create the life and work that you deeply desire—it is first and foremost essential to have a clear and aligned vision. This is vital for any new business idea, relationship goal, or personal change that you want to make.

Next up—also SUPER important—is to celebrate along the way. To pause, reflect, and acknowledge your small steps that are literally bringing you closer to your big vision.

It could be a celebratory dance, a yummy lunch-date with yourself, naming it to a friend, taking time to relax, or anything else that feels celebratory and brings you into Self appreciation.

Unfortunately, in today’s culture, it is common to set an aligned vision, to work on meaningful goals, and to achieve results—but to skip out on conscious celebration.

Whether you do not see it as a necessary step in the journey, or you tend to downplay your achievements, or you just don’t make the time to appreciate the good that you created—pausing and reflecting on your wins, no matter how big or small—is crucial to the process.

Because when you intentionally celebrate your accomplishments along the way towards your goals—you reinforce the actions that lead you to success, you build your Self confidence, you foster well-being and positivity, you increase your motivation, and you become a Leader of Love.

It’s why I begin all my coaching sessions asking my clients, “What are you willing to celebrate today?”

Inviting a pause and hearing them proudly share something like, “I took the weekend off and went to the mountains” is just as important as hearing them say, “I onboarded a new client in my business.”

Truly, there is nothing too big of too small to celebrate.

So friend, what are you willing to consciously celebrate today as we are halfway through 2024? Big or small, everything is welcome here!

And, if you are feeling ready to create your next level of success with a clear vision for the second half of 2024 with enjoyment and CELEBRATION along the way—and you sense that having support is necessary to help you get there—then you’re invited to send me a message to schedule a private complimentary call with me where we’ll discuss your vision, see what’s getting in the way, and if we’re a good fit, how working together will help you become the Leader of Love you are meant to be in your life and career.

Thanks for your read here.

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