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Wholeness Business Coaching: An Inside-Out Approach to Biz

“Things are a bit stagnant—hubs, home, biz, life,” Lauren vulnerably wrote to me just prior to our first coaching session.

I could hear her longing for confidence, her desire for momentum, and her readiness to claim and share her gifts.  

She has a successful history, after all—both professionally and personally. 

Deep down, Lauren knew she was capable. She knew she was powerful. She knew she had what it took inside of her to have the life and business she wanted—but at that time, she was feeling lost, stuck, and full of Self doubt. 

Sounds about right for an entrepreneur, right?! 

Being in business for our Self is like jumping into a pressure cooker that stirs up our most inner demons. Inevitably, what floats to the top are those parts of us that question our Self. The parts of us that forget our worth. The parts of us that spin and spiral out of control, getting hotter and more combustible until we cannot take it anymore. 

Or … until we remember to remember. 

Like Lauren did. 

Lauren remembered that she is worthy. She remembered that mentorship is a good thing, and she remembered that she does not have to do it alone. 

It’s why Lauren hired me for Wholeness Business Coaching. 

She wanted to build out a transformational online group program but needed the accountability, strategy, and guidance in order to do so.

But before she could get there, she needed to remember her Self and reclaim her wholeness. Saying yes to a coach who pays equal mind to the business and the Self, the outside and the inside, was her first step in turning her business and her life around. 

And so she did. 

And so I witnessed. 

Lauren dedicated her resources (time, energy, and money) to create a new online offering that is aligned with her gifts. One where she is doing what she loves, beautifully benefits her clients, and brings her revenue that is true to her worth. 

But she didn’t do it effortlessly nor based solely on business strategy. 

She couldn’t have. 

Remember those inner demons slogging her trajectory? 

In order to have the outcome Lauren achieved—building and running a successful multi-month online group course that met both her and her clients’ needs—she had to do the inner work too. 

She had to look at what was spiraling in the pressure cooker: the nagging Self doubt, the negative Self talk, and the lack of Self worth. Lauren’s willingness to face, examine, and heal these parts of her Self was the key to producing her dream flagship offering. 

Stepping into her wholeness allowed her to create the thing she was longing for in the first place.

You can’t build the sandcastle of your dreams using a leaky bucket. You can’t find true success without having a whole foundation: your Self. 

Does this sound familiar? Is Self doubt holding you back? 

Wholeness Business Coaching is designed for high-level, soul-centered entrepreneurs who want to manifest the business of their dreams while recognizing and tending to the parts inside that keep them stuck. 
Whether you are new to business, dreaming of starting one, or a veteran entrepreneur who’s ready to uplevel your biz and your Self, I am here for you.

Thanks for your read here.

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