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My heart grieved this morning and tears flowed. I received a text from a dear friend, and Next Generation Yoga grad, with an update on her family in New Orleans. Her parents were sheltering upstairs at their neighbors during the storm and her mom tragically passed. Her father, thankfully, survived.

These times are hard right now! Loss of loved ones, climate crisis, covid chaos, political disarray, human injustice, massive uncertainty, and all the polarization and cancel culture happening around world … to name just a few.

It is hard to face. It’s hard to deal with. And, quite frankly, it can be really hard to feel.

And so … I turn to Love.

Not to bypass, not to avoid, not to not feel. Because I do that too.

But because Love is the frequency that I know heals all.

In silence and stillness, I center, I sit and I channel Love.

Love for the people impacted by the simultaneous disasters.

Love for the ones hardly experiencing any of it.

Love for the afraid, angry, hurt, sick, sad, lonely.

Love for the asleep, the privileged, the prejudiced.

Love for the house-less, the evacuees, the refugees.

Love for the leaders, the change-makers, the activists, the natives, the teachers, the health care workers, the elders, the children, the mamas and the papas.

Love for the planet, the land, the waters, the more-than-humans.  

Love for you. Love for me.

Dear One, Love is what we need now more than ever. Love, kindness, attunement, compassion, connection.

When we choose Love, we have access to soften, to empathize, to come together.

When we choose Love, our relationships can deepen and our hearts can widen.

To me, this is what Life is about.

Will you join me in Love?

Will you make a phone call to check-in on someone in need? Send a text to someone you’ve lost touch with and ask how they are? Communicate kindly with someone you have a different vaccination viewpoint with? Use your eyes to smile at a stranger?

There are endless ways to Love, and God knows we need it – so why not go ahead and Love, today.

Thanks for your read here.

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