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Major Indecision

I just got off with a coaching client—we’ll call her Maya. She was having major indecision. Have you been there? I sure have! For Maya, it was the choice of whether to move into a community home in town where she could deepen with friends and tend to a group garden OR stay put in her sweet solo casita on land where it’s quiet and spacious.

A decision that she’d been vacillating on for weeks and needed to finally choose on—today.

A decision that had been causing her emotional distress, physical tension, loss of sleep, and overwhelm in many areas of her life—including her business.

A decision that she felt afraid to make in fear of disappointing others, let alone her Self.

Now, Maya is a wise woman. She’s a Doula working with pregnant couples. She has lived on Hawaii, is embodied, and quite Self aware.

But like most of us—no matter how attuned we are to the land, practiced in Yoga, and skilled in Spirituality—we sometimes forget.

We sometimes forget that we always know our Truth.

We sometimes forget because societal pressures and cultural norms influence us to value others over our Self. And let’s face it, the external world can sometimes be so damn noisy that we tend to appease our people over our own person. 

For Maya, it was … “What if I disappoint my friends?” “What if they cut me out?” “What if I miss out?”

After compassionately listening to Maya speak about her ambivalence—we got to her Truth.  

We did this through a slowed down process where I invited Maya to close her eyes and connect with her inner wisdom—to access and breathe with the part of her that always knows.

I asked, “What does this part of you have to say about your move?”

When Maya became still and tuned in to her highest wisdom, she softened and owned her Truth. She clarified and claimed that staying put in her current living situation is right for her, right now.

No matter if it would disappoint others. No matter if it risked her friendships. No matter if it would mean missing out.

In knowing and choosing based on her Truth—as an act of Self love—Maya was no longer appeasing or people pleasing anyone else over her Self. 

What a relief!

In listening to and coaching Maya through her major indecision—I am reminded of the many times that I have been paralyzed with ambivalence. Like when I waffled about whether to live in Santa Fe or stay nomadic? And that time I spent weeks questioning which coach to work with. Or when I was super conflicted about selling my business. *These are all stories for another time. 

Major indecision has felt like a scraping at my Soul.

I am also reminded that you always know your Truth. That all your answers live inside of you. And, that when you get quiet, let go of any others’ influence, and tune in—you’ll know. 

Is there a choice that you are facing in your life or business? Something like whether to make a career transition, relocate your home, hire a person, sign up for a course, onboard with a new coach? 

Perhaps, try giving yourself permission with time to slow down and tune in to the wise part of you that always knows. Ask yourself “what is best for me?” And, allow your Truth to rise up.

It will, because you always know!

As always, if you’d like—you are invited to message me and let me know how you go. 

PS ~ Maya and I primarily work together on her business, but all business coaching is life coaching. Her indecisiveness was interfering with her business productivity and in breaking free and clarifying her Truth, she is now in back in action in her business. She also now has a tool in making decisions and getting unstuck—both in her life and business. This is the kind of work I love to do. Curious to know more, send me a message

PPS ~ There are a few spots left in the circle for the Women’s Mastermind Group I am hosting.  If you run your own small business and ready to up-level and take action on your goals with a supportive container of like-minded peers, let’s chat. We begin soon!

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