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You are Not Your Bank Account

Lately I have been having a recurring conversation with coaching clients and colleagues that seems to be in the collective field. It feels important to share it with you in case you are experiencing this phenomenon too. I know I have.

It’s about this false and learned idea that our Self worth is linked to our bank account. That when we are making “good” money, or producing, or triumphing—then, we feel good about our Self. And, vice versa, when we are not earning “good” money or making things happen—then, our Self esteem collapses.

As a life-long entrepreneur—I have been there—and it is something that I have consciously examined and a belief system I’ve been intentionally dismantling.

But for reals, it’s deep and not so easy.

Can you relate? I mean, how do you feel after a day of doing nothing? Let me know, because truly—you are not alone.

It’s quite normal to find yourself measuring your worth based on your accomplishments. 

Normal, because culture has trained us to believe that in doing, hustling, and succeeding—we are better. And, systems bolster this notion in movies and the media; while society places more value on what people have and do than who people innately are.

I am here to interrupt this toxic, disempowering, limiting belief to remind you that you are not your bank account

Nor are you any other external thing like—the fancy car you may drive, the big house you may own, the abundant calendar you may keep, or the many Instagram followers you may enjoy.

These are things that you may have or do but have no relevance to who you are as an unchanging Soul.

Simply, your achievements and accomplishments do not have anything to do with your inherent value.

You are worthy because you exist. 

While for sure, it is natural to feel loftier when your bank account is flush—or the social calendar is full, or the clients are onboarding, and the new project is launching.

And it can certainly ache when business is slow—or you lose an important client, or it appears the social media algorithms are not in your favor.

But ultimately, being on an emotional roller-coaster every time you divest your power to external circumstance can feel exhausting.

Like you are chasing something outside of your Self.

So, let me help you to remember to remember … That your worth is not a product of your intelligence, nor your talent, or your looks, and definitely not your good work or how many dollars you have in your bank account.

You are worthy now. 🤎
Not if. Not when. 🤎
Now. 🤎
As you are. 🤎

If you have been associating your value based on your bank account, you are not alone.  Perhaps consider journaling about (or asking a loved one to write a list of) all the things that you love about yourself that have nothing to do with achievement. Or, try meditating on the parts of you that never change—including the parts of you that are loving, peaceful, understanding, compassionate, and kind. This here is your worth. 

And, if this touched something inside of you, I would love to hear from you. Send me a message with a “yes” and I’ll reply with one of my current favorite empowering quotes on this very topic. 

Thanks for your read here.

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