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Four Years Ago …

Four years ago today I sold Next Generation Yoga, LLC. It was an act of Self love. In 2019, my kid’s yoga business was thriving, and I was at the peak of my career with purpose, impact, and income. I was decades in to building something out of nothing, traveling as a sought-after expert, generating a global brand, and pioneering a movement.

We had a vibrant community of licensed teachers and a team of international trainers; and children, schools, and families around the world were implementing and benefiting from our curriculum.

If that was you—hi 👋🏻, I love you❤️, and thank you🙏🏻!

Yet something inside of me knew it was time to end that chapter. Something inside of me knew that I had taken the company as far as was mine to do. Something inside of me knew that it was someone else’s turn to take the reins.

And, while I could have remained Founder & CEO of a prospering and impact-driven company and continued doing what was working … I knew I had to listen to my inner voice.

I knew I had to make a big change.

I knew I had to align my Self even more with my Soul’s calling.

I knew I had to share my gifts and step more fully into my role as a Coach.

I knew if I listened … that it would be me loving me.

And so, I did.

On May 1st, 2019 despite it being big and hard—I sold my company of 21-years—and it was most certainly an act of Self love.

Is there something in your life or business that feels big and hard, but you know if you took the action—it would be an act of Self love?

Perhaps something like building out your dream business? Or launching a podcast? Or creating an online course. Or hiring a team member? Or running a retreat?

Quite honestly, I never could have done what I did with Next Generation Yoga—let alone sell the damn thing—without the accountability, support, witnessing, and reflecting of coaches and other women entrepreneurs. They all helped me to build my business with Self love. 

For this very reason, I am organizing an online Women’s Group. So that women in business can serve from a place of Self love. 

Because straight up truth …
🤎 When you do business with Self love—you create offerings that are in Soul alignment.
🤎 When you do business with Self love—you market yourself authentically.
🤎 When you do business with Self love—you confidently charge for your services. 
🤎 When you do business with Self love—you are resourced and balanced.
🤎 When you do business with Self love—you surround yourself with support. 

In this Women’s Group, you’ll not only feel supported, held, seen, and gotten by your peers—but you’ll have my focused attention on you and your business to help make sure you are masterfully growing your business with Self love.  

If you are a woman who runs your own business and longs to be in a circle with other like-minded entrepreneurs—while learning how to grow your biz with Self love—you are invited!

Just send me a message and I will share the details with you—but don’t wait, we begin soon!

Thanks for your read here.

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