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Made a Video for You!

It’s been a while since I made you a video—like over three years a while—and I used to do so every damn week! And since I am not on the socials—and I don’t do the IG stories or FB lives—I thought I would make a video for you today. So you can see the real—live person behind these emails. 😉🙏🏻😘

Truth is, it felt a lil edgy and out of my comfort zone to do so.

It’s hardly perfect—it’s crazy hot in Santa Fe, I am a bit nervous, my hair is post Pilates, and I’ve had a tender heart for weeks—but heck, I did it anyways!

Because …
      desire   fear  
      imperfection   inaction
      not giving a f*ck  >  missing an opportunity

I hope you enjoy this short 1 min-ish vid!

Is there something that you want to do but have some edgy feels about? Perhaps it’s announcing your new biz offering, or making a long over-due phone call, or raising your rates, or starting a project that’s been on the back burner for way too long.

If you are willing, send me an email back (or a video!) about something you’ve recently done or are planning to do that has you at your edge.

And, remember—you can do it!

Whatever it is—let me know how you go—I always love hearing from you!

Thanks for your read here.

Did you enjoy this post?
I sincerely hope so!

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