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A Reframe on Loss

Have you also experienced significant loss over the past 2+ years. I feel you—it hurts. Whether a relationship, a client, a community, a job, a home, a belief, a dream—loss is a natural and inevitable part of life.

Last Sunday, I went wandering solo in the gorgeous Sangre de Christo Mountains in Santa Fe and I took a mental inventory on the losses I have endured over the past few years.

While grieving felt natural, so too did this reframe …

What if loss was alignment? What if losing the people, places, and possessions was Life’s way of supporting me to get into even more alignment?

Alignment with who I am. Alignment with how I am to live this one precious life. Alignment with being of service in the world.

Like a cleansing or a clearing … for my highest and best.

Now stay with me, dear NAME.

Consider the natural world—like plants and trees and flowers who experience loss—often. Like when their leaves, flowers, and petals die off. They fall away innately because it is their natural cycle to let go of the old.

Shedding is actually in their favor because they no longer are fed or fueled by the parts that do not serve them. Their parts fall to the ground and turn in to compost and food for what is next and new to grow.

And, in molting those old and dead parts, they now stand in their most radiant, beautiful existence—without anything stopping or stifling their growth.  

So, what if we looked at our losses similarly. What if saw our endings as new beginnings. As a way in which trust that Life is orchestrating new space for us to grow into something even more beautifully aligned.

Loss is real and grief is necessary to heal.

But, what if you also considered your shedding’s as a gift from Life. As a way in which Life is supporting you to become more beautiful, true, and aligned with your Self and who you are becoming.

Will you join me, NAME?

Perhaps take a moment amidst the natural world (or even just cozy on the couch with a cup of tea) and take inventory of the loss/es that you have undergone. Consider how these passings are in fact serving you.

Then—if it resonates—thank Life for her mysterious gift in giving you even more alignment.

I hope this practice is healing and hope-inspiring for you. Feel free to send me a message about how you resonate—I always love hearing from you!

Thanks for your read here.

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