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Busy-ness & Baby Birds

I am busy – in the middle of an important phone call and simultaneously making dinner – when suddenly I am distracted by the sound of noisy birds outside my open door. I see House Finch low to the ground underneath Pinon Tree - flapping their wings and doing something unfamiliar to me.

Still on my call, I leave the kitchen and move slightly closer.

House Finch flies away and two baby birds are left behind.

Two tiny, super still, fairly fuzzy, and absolutely adorable baby birds are there … on the ground with their fallen nest, nearby.

In this moment, I am at choice.

I can continue my multitasking or tend to the baby birds.

Even with a long list of things to do, I choose the latter. I choose to forgo my busy-ness and be with the natural world.

And while I had no idea what that experience would become, I simply felt called to.

I end my call, pause my cooking, put my to-do’s aside, and tend to the baby birds, because ~ their precious life before my own eyes, not to be forsaken. Also, an opportunity to be intimate with wild winged ones.

I gather their vulnerable baby bodies and place them back in their humble nest. I arrange them in a pink pail vessel set to be hung back in Pinon Tree from which they came.

To play the role of wild life rescuer was a first for me, and while I learned from the internet, it was my intuition, heart and wholeness that led the way.

I could have easily kept doing my life and busy-ing myself, going about my human ways. And yet, I chose to slow down, to be present, and to relate with nature. This choice gifted my heart with meaning, connection, feeling, and joy.

Becoming the baby birds surrogate mama and relocating them back to their nest and tree of origin, I watched over them physically (from afar) and emotionally (with my heart) assuring they were reunited with their own Mama bird. And so they were. They were fed and ultimately fledged and fled.

Healthy, happy, baby birds!

My experience with the baby birds were medicine for my soul and they helped me remember to remember.

To remember that interconnected, intimate relationships with the more-than-humans are always available to us. We just have to choose it.

You don’t need to save or even fix anything in nature but rather connect by choosing to pause. By choosing to slow down. By choosing to notice and be with the earth and all her natural beauty.

It is every where, always. 

It is simply a choice.

A choice to reduce our human-centric way of living and bear witness to the natural world. To be with what is alive, what is growing, what is changing – right before our very own eyes.

Our fellow creatures, plants, wild life are a always gifting us. We just need to choose to receive them.

Will you?

Thanks for your read here.

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