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When that Hot Springs Trip Just isn’t Enough!

“I am burnt out, I need an assistant—actually I need a clone and more hours in the day🤪 … I’m feeling so overwhelmed! Good thing I am going to the lake house this weekend, I am hoping a little reset will be helpful!”

That was the text I got from Lori, my dear friend and Yoga studio owner, after I asked how she was doing. 

I couldn’t help but feel compassion. I have definitely been in Lori’s shoes—hustling my business, wearing too many hats and in need of staff to help me out, but too overwhelmed to hire.

I have also been in a state of mind where I thought a weekend offline at some epic hot springs would give me the reset I desperately needed.

And while I would get some relief, and Lori did too—we learned it was only temporary.

We learned that we would return to our work only to experience the same damn fatigue.

We learned that to grow our businesses—the way we deep down knew we were meant to—we needed to be resourced with energy more consistently.  

Like it or not, we learned that we had some deep inner work to do, beyond scheduling “self-care” as a one-off soaking weekend get-away.

Problem is … when we are so overwhelmed, tired, busy and working to keep the lights on, it’s hard to actually stop. It’s hard to find the energy to do the things that we know are good for us. It’s hard to find the time to make the changes we know we really want. 

This is why I created Beyond Bubble Baths—and why Lori was one of the first to register!

To support you in working in your business and accomplishing your goals from a state of ultimate resource and radical Self care—without over-giving, crazy hustling, or sacrificing your personal needs. 

Have you ever taken time off from work, like a weekend yoga retreat or a weeklong stay-vacation—and during those days and even a few afterwards you feel energized, grounded, and empowered—but soon after you discover that act of “self-care” was like a bandaid and didn’t really work? 

And you ask yourself, why can’t all days be filled with spaciousness, energy, and focus!?

Your days can!

But only when you shift to having Self care as a lifestyle and no longer treat it as a thing you do here and there, like an item on your to-do list, or only when your tank is near empty.

When you commit to a practice of radical Self care—you’ll have a steady stream of juicy energy woven through your days.

You’ll have what it takes to be in action in your business. To do the thing you really want to do—like hiring an assistant, raising your rates, designing the new online course offering, starting the podcast, or scaling your biz.

If you dream of creating something new in your business with a deep desire to launch your next offering—but you haven’t had the time, energy or belief to do so—perhaps stepping up your basic “self-care” practices into a lifestyle of radical Self care is what you really need to get you into action.

Imagine committing to consistent actions of morning practices, exercise, asking for help, holding your boundaries, charging your worth, saying “no”, and honoring your needs.

You know, taking radical care of your Self!

If this speaks to you, and you are ready to clarify, commit, and launch that next thing in your business, let’s get you resourced to do it.

Send me an email with a YES and I’ll send you the details on how together (and with a group of supportive female entrepreneurs) we’ll launch your next biz goal with you in a well of resource.  

Thanks for your read here.

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