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Life Minutes

While in the U.S., with Biden & Harris in leadership, it does feel like we have released the pressure cooker, however, I know as a global family we have lots of work to do, still. Here in Tesuque Valley, New Mexico, I am dreaming of, talking about and bubbling with ideas for how I can contribute.

How can I make this world a more kind, just, and beautiful place? What is mine to do here?

With these big questions, that I wonder if you too are asking yourself ~ I am also in an inquiry for how best to spend my life minutes?

I recently heard this term, “life minutes,” from Alex Franzen, the badass female, author & entrepreneur who inspired me to deactivate my social media accounts. I love it and it has me deep in thought for how I want to spend my early mornings, holy days and sacred nights. Lately, I’m taking a really good look at how I want to use my life minutes, while cleaning up my time integrity.

On Winter Solstice of 2020 I deactivated my social media accounts. I also deleted the “dating apps” and other addictive swipers where I found myself unconsciously scrolling. I recommitted to my morning practice of reading, meditating, and writing before checking messages. I now go for walks and eat my meals without my phone.

I choose presence.

I choose mindfulness.

I choose more analog and less digital.

Now I can’t say that being off social media & the dating apps are easy peasy for me, I mean I do in all honesty miss those dopamine hits … but I also know that I am feeling way more spacious in my mind, grounded in my body and in right relationship with my life minutes.

How about you?

How are you spending your life minutes?

I would so delight in hearing from you! A few questions to ponder that I’d love for you to hit the reply button and share with me …

  • What purpose / Soul work are you birthing or currently offering to the world?
  • How are you honestly tending to your Self?
  • What is something you do in your life where you are out of integrity with how you are using your life minutes and want to repair?
  • How do you really feel about your phone? Social media?
  • And as Mary Oliver so poetically asks … “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Your life minutes, how you spend your time and choose to share your gifts matter. I personally would be honored to hear your insights and promise to hold them as confidential and sacred. Of course, if you don’t feel comfy replying to me – perhaps you can have a juicy, intentional conversation musing these questions with a friend, partner or at your next family dinner.

Either way, I’m wishing you meaningful life minutes!

Thanks for your read here.

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