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Happy New Year – 20 in 2020

Hi! It’s me, Jodi Golda! I know it’s been a long time since you have received any communication from me, but with me pulling the plug on my social media accounts & the new year, I couldn’t help but feel excited to connect with you here and now.

I truly hope this finds you & your loved ones safe, healthy & rolling with these ever-changing wild times as best you can. May the blessing in the turning of the calendar year bring you a renewed sense of hope, faith & trust in Life. 

Happy New Year!

I know you may not want to hear or read those gnarly numbers, 2020, but in the spirit of seeing life as gold – how my Hebrew name, Golda, reminds me to be – I find great importance and potency in reflecting back on this last year and want to share it with you! I spent the entire last day of the year reading my 2020 journal which I afterwards burned. What I found, like most people, I had many emotions of pain, grief, anxiety, confusion, disorientation, loss, and sadness. But I also had many experiences of beauty, empowerment, growth and wholeness. In ceremony, here on the land in Tesuque Valley, New Mexico where I am currently residing, I honored it all. And through reflection, writing, and sharing, I celebrate the gifts. 

My top 20 of 2020, I …

  1. Travelled to 3 countries & 7 U.S. states. 
  2. Found a diet that works for my body; became a nutrivore by way of the Auto-Immune Protocol diet.  
  3. Sat in a supportive weekly online women’s council, with my Animas sisters. 
  4. Lived “home-free,” now on month 13! 
  5. Took a much needed sabbatical. 
  6. Beat a mind-body (TMS) pain flare. 
  7. Got passionate about writing again through daily journaling, a story skills workshop, and writing class
  8. Learned to juggle on Maui. 
  9. Met the orangutan in Sumatra & Borneo
  10. Became a social media drop-out, thanks to Alex Franzen
  11. Survived 9 months of the global pandemic. 
  12. Got my scuba diving on, 9 dives to be exact. 
  13. Consolidated my credit card debt, thanks Hebrew Free Loan
  14. Learned how to start & tend a wood stove fire. All. Day. Long. 
  15. Embraced and took on my Hebrew name, Golda.
  16. Worked closely with my therapist to consciously dismantle my old identity. 
  17. Woke up to my white privilege spiritual bypassing
  18. Learned a ton through interviewing my Dad. 
  19. Celebrated my 1-year anniversary of selling Next Generation Yoga
  20. Felt like I came home to myself. 

Writing & rereading this list, I feel so blessed and privileged to have had the year that I did. I know so many struggled with great loss, change and injustice. I don’t ever for a moment want to or suggest that we ignore or bypass the real difficulties of 2020. They are real and my heart breaks for our planet earth, political disfunction, economic downfall, social injustice and that we as a human family are more polarized now more than ever. 

Still, I invite us to see the gold. 

What were your 20 or even 2 gems of 2020? 

I would love to hear from you! You’re invited to leave a comment with your list, your struggles or simply your hello.

All is welcome. It is 2021, after all!

Thanks for your read here.

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