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Kermit Knows What’s Up

So, I am drinking my water on a break from an online HIIT workout and there’s a commercial with Kermit the frog singing, “You gotta have me time.” I was stunned. I mean, I didn’t know that Kermit was all about the personal growth, Self love, and taking care of you these days—did you?

As someone who is currently solo traveling in Portugal and very much having “me time” I appreciate his timely advice.

Lately, I’ve been food shopping at local markets and eating at restaurants on my own. I’ve been making decisions for where to go next without anyone’s approval. I’ve wandered city streets, coastal beaches, medieval castles, and dense forests with me, myself, and I.

It’s pretty fantastic.

Fantastic because I like my own company. I feel empowered being solo. And, I have unexpected adventures when I am alone.

Now, I know that not everyone enjoys solo travel—let alone eating a meal alone. (But I am curious, so let me know if you do!)

I also know that our culture normalizes other people’s demands on our time. And, even though it can be a gift to serve others—we are most often on-demand to our family, friends, partners, clients, colleagues.

And sometimes it can feel overwhelming to all the time be tending to family, running a business, working a job, engaging in social commitments.

So, yea—Kermit knows what’s up and his lyrics are true: you gotta have me time.

That taking time for yourself is vital

That whatever your lifestyle demands, you ought to make sure you don’t burn out by tending to others.

And, that despite what society says, it is not selfish nor should you feel guilty for taking time for you.

Me time can recharge your battery and make you more present to your work and life.

Me time can soothe your nervous system, help you unwind, and reduce stress.

Me time can instill rest from the busy busy busy and return you to more productivity.

Me time can remind you of who you are, your values and goals, and what matters to you.

Me time can energize you and put you in a better state of being to love and support your people.

So dear one, if you have a knowing that you’d benefit from me time—regardless if you are a busy parent, hustling entrepreneur, or single lady—I invite you to create this important space for your Self. Talk to the people who need to understand, call in any support systems, and schedule time just for you.

Perhaps your me time will be doing something you love, a creative art project, a weekend getaway, a wander in nature, or plopping on the couch. No matter what, make it intentional and mindful—and ideally without your phone too!

I’d love to hear from you! Are you a solo traveler? Do you prioritize time alone? Are you craving me time? As always, you’re invited to send me a message and share about your Self.  

Thanks for your read here.

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