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It was an Act of Self Care

Being in my community (thank you!), you likely know that I recently made a big transition by ending my “home-free” stint and moving into a loft space in Santa Fe, New Mexico – Tewa Territory. The journey to get to this place where I am now, surprisingly, was not any easy choice. But it was an act of self-care …

Two years ago, after selling Next Generation Yoga, also my car, putting my stuff in storage and giving up my Oakland apartment, I was very happy to set off as a vagabond. After 21-years of entrepreneur-ing I needed the time to wander, to wonder, to live outside the cultural norm, to be free, to find me.

Taking a sabbatical and 17-months of living without a home is potent medicine which if you have the time, resources and privilege, I highly recommend. I experienced epic places and made life-long connections, but most meaningfully, I grew to love Life as Mystery and came home to myself. 

Even with these gifts, as time went on and I had since travelled overseas then back to the United States at the onset of the pandemic, being on the go, constantly changing beds, and living without my “stuff”, I grew to long for my own physical home more and more. I am a Taurus / earth-sign after all.

I knew that getting “off the road” and leasing a home would be a big change from the fabulous life and lifestyle I had been loving living.

And, the truth was, I didn’t know where in the world I wanted to live.

Santa Fe was the place I was most recently staying, and while I liked it a lot, I didn’t feel a pull to live here.

Yet I simply and strongly knew I needed to take care of my needs – to resource my body & mind from all the go-go-travel, to get my things out of storage and be amongst them, to live with some consistency and stillness for a stretch of time.

To me, this was an act of self-care.

Not the obvious kind of self-care we think of like eating a healthy meal, receiving a massage or getting a manicure. But the inner-knowing kind of self-care that you realize deep down inside you need to listen to in order to best take care of yourself. In order to best enhance your life.

Maybe there is something in your life, dear one, that needs tending and self-caring.

Perhaps it is ending a relationship that no longer serves you or releasing a belief you’ve had for years or setting a healthy boundary with a nagging relative or making a move to an environment that better suits you.

If yes? I support you in fully going for it!

If you’re not sure? Keep listening, it will inevitably reveal itself to you. It always does.

Just know that sometimes acts of self-care are hard to realize and ultimately make, but they are always worth it.

Thanks for your read here.

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