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It’s OK to Ask

Last week, amidst the gorgeous changing of New Mexico weather, I joined together with a group of 16 other beautiful beings, camping out in the wild & mysterious Chaco Canyon for six nights – all of us bringing our unique personalities, varied physical abilities, diverse wants and special needs.

And, I noticed something extraordinary.

I noticed that everyone asked for help.

Whether it was the couple from San Francisco who had never put up a tent and shamelessly asked for guidance from those more experienced.

Or the wise female with neuropathy who boldly claimed that we could literally push her up the flue of the canyon on our group hike in order for her to make it to the top.

Or me not feeling well on plant medicine and requesting some extra sister support.

That helping each other was more than ok. That helping each other was the culture of our group.

Because every time help was asked for, it was graciously welcomed, generously provided, and gorgeously received.

For so long, I personally have been successful at doing life solo. I am strong, independent, resourceful and capable after all.

But I realize that it is not always necessary to figure it out or do it alone. Aka, to “lone wolf” it.

That friends, family, community are here to help.

And, that they want to help!

And, that asking for help is by no means a weakness. In fact, the strength it takes to ask for help is powerful. And, withholding the asking for help puts our own well being at risk.

I for one am committed to asking more for help. To stop my default of always trying to do it alone.

What about you, dear one? What is something in your life that you could use help with? Is it an upcoming move? A harvest of your garden? A brainstorm for a business venture? A support for your mental health?

Truly, it is ok to ask for help.

Leave a comment below let me know what you are willing to ask for help with today. I love hearing what you’re up to and will of course cheer you on!

Thanks for your read here.

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