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Happy Spring, Passover & Holi Forgiveness

Can you feel it? The potential for fresh energy?! On March 20th, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox blessed us with the coming of more day-light, fragrant weather and new growth. Passover is here, March 27th – April 2nd, and Easter too, April 4th.

While I am enjoying the ritual of the Jewish Seder this weekend, (Happy Passover to those who are also honor!) … today, I am also greeting the festival of Holi, happening now, March 28th-29th.

I was blessed to be introduced and celebrate this Hindu holiday in India last year – yep right before the pandemic hit. Also known as the “festival of love” I found it to be a most beautiful celebration where people flocked to the streets, spreading joy and enthusiasm with color. Playfully dancing, decorating others in hue and wishing good vibes … my face was never touched by so many gentle hands, who placed powder paint on my “punim” as I was wished, “Happy Holi.”

But what struck me most about this sweet holiday is that it not only rejoices the full moon and the beginning of Spring but it is also an invitation for repair. A sacred time for people to unite, forgiving all resentments and bad feeling towards each other. Good over evil. Love over hate. Forgiveness over resentment. A holiday for healing.

After a year full of global chaos, harm, division, racism, hate and injustice ~ I can not help but take the medicine of Holi and lean into my own personal pardons.

A few that I am working with are …

-Forgiveness for the woman in my council who I had a rupture with and ultimately triggered me to leave the circle.

-Forgiveness for the dog, and her owner, that bit me out of no where.

-Forgiveness for myself for being scared and anxious; ultimately passing on opportunities that I think would have actually served me well.

Will you join me in forgiveness?

It is hard, and it is a practice, but in this wild time of living, perhaps no better time to start but now. To experience a lil less pain and suffering. To have healthier relationships. To bring in a lil more love and peace.

Here are a few general steps to take towards forgiving someone …

  1. Have the willingness to forgive them.
  2. Feel your feelings including the pain, anger, hurt and whatever else is causing you upset.
  3. Notice if your inner-child is hurting and what they may have to say.
  4. Journal it out by dedicating the time to write down what happened, your feelings, and anything else that wants to come up and out.
  5. Share about your experience with a friend and ask for support, reflections and / or feedback. Talking with nature is also helpful!
  6. Have empathy for the person who hurt you.
  7. Take personal responsibility for what is yours to own in the conflict.
  8. Forgive the person either by communicating with them directly, or creating your own personal ceremony and consciously release the grudge.

I am in no way saying this process is simple or quick but I do know it to be healthy and freeing.

So dear one, as you make your ways towards forgiveness or sit with the possibility of forgiving, I wish you courage, peace and healing.

Thanks for your read here.

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