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I’m Coming Out!

It’s 2023, a new year—and I’m coming out! (Insert Diana Ross song 🎶🎤) I am coming out as an authentic version of myself. I am coming out with my greatest gifts to share. I am coming out to support you in loving yourself—even more.

And though it feels little edgy and a lot vulnerable, I want the world to know, that …

I am coming out as a Self Love Coach!

While yes, I have already been coaching for 10+ years, my niche has been in Business Coaching. I have guided 100’s of women (and two men!) to successfully start up, scale big, and for some, to sell off their business.

I LOVE serving in this way—and I will continue to Business Coach—as I am extremely grateful for the breakthroughs and leveling up I’ve seen. Here’s some love from my clients … 

“You are truly amazing at what you do! Thank you for helping me up-level and continuously grow with grace.” —Liz Torres Zocchi, CEO and Yoga Studio Owner

“My coaching with JodiGolda was powerful, fun, and deeply supportive. JG is an incredible listener and master at providing loving support and guidance. Through mindful questions and practical exercises, she helped me discern my path ahead and empowered me with tools and action steps to begin my journey. I have more clarity and focus, and I feel more empowered and inspired.” —Courtney Love, Communication Specialist & Mindset Guide

The truth is, I have come to realize that the magic ingredient in my client’s biggest and truest successes is: Self Love. 🪄   

That with Self Love—everything is possible.

That with Self Love, you can have …
🤎A genuine feeling of happiness and confidence—in all areas of your life
🤎A deep trust in your Self—truly knowing what is best for you
🤎A fulfillment in your relationships—with people who uplift you, not drain you
🤎An attitude of not giving a f*ck what other people think—you doing you
🤎A purpose driven career with financial abundance—doing your Soul work

As a Self Love Coach, I help you to clear limiting beliefs, banish burnout, stop people pleasing, seal up energy leaks, navigate toxic work environments, and eliminate overwhelm, stress, and anxiety.

With Self Love, you achieve your goals, maintain your personal practices, communicate consciously, and speak your truth.

With Self Love, you have real kindness for your Self—even when it’s dark and uncomfortable—because G-d knows there’s that too.

With Self Love, you authentically know, accept, and love your Self.

Because let’s be real—life is not always rainbows and unicorns—and during these times we are up against our edges. It’s more important than ever to have solid tools to cope, and unconditionally have our own back.

Thankfully, Self Love is the best gift I have learned, and I am more ready than ever to help you deepen this in yourself.

If you (or someone you know) sense that you would benefit from partnering with me—a master Coach specializing in Self Love—so that you can have the life and work satisfaction, that you desire, send me a message, I’d love to chat!

Thanks for your read here.

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