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Happy New Year! 22 in ’22

2022 included mystery, loss, heart-ache, grief, and anxiety. It also encompassed deep learning, career and personal growth, extraordinary connection, and next-level Self love. Our lives are full spectrum, after all.

Good and bad, joyful and hurtful, alone and together—it matters that we appreciate our past as it is through reflection that we clarify what it is that we truly want more (and less) of—for this year ahead.

Equally important as setting goals and new year intentions—so too is appreciating and reflecting on what was. It’s how we learn, realize what we value, and identify what we want.

So, even with the clock on the new year, it is not too late to look back. To see who impacted us, how we were inspired, and what caused our greatest growth.

In celebration of the meaningful, challenging, and transformational experiences in 2022, here are 22 of mine: 

I …

  1. Taught my first Beyond Bubble Baths course to a group of women entrepreneurs—helping them to work in their business with Self love. 
  2. Spent a month on the island of Roatan, Honduras where I took an ISTA training.
  3. Practiced 90-days of emotional release
  4. Celebrated my 3rd year since selling Next Generation Yoga.
  5. Consistently prayed for “my four P’s”: Purpose, People, Partnership, Place. 
  6. Volunteered at an evacuation center helping native New Mexicans whose homes were taken by the fires.  
  7. Met a 1-day old baby Bison.
  8. Got my hot springs soak on at new and old favorites: Desert Reef, Joyful Journeys, Ojo Caliente, Ojo Santa Fe, Truth or Consequences, Harbin Hot Springs, and Montezuma.
  9. Ended unfulfilling lover-ships and repaired lost friendships.
  10. Embraced perimenopause. 
  11. Modeled in nude photoshoots.
  12. Marked my 6th year Self-marriage anniversary.
  13. Apprenticed with River.
  14. Started coaching corporate clients in leadership, emotional intelligence, Self love, and life-work balance. 
  15. Enjoyed many camping trips and quality time with my longest-dearest friend.
  16. Went on my second (life-altering) Vision Quest.
  17. Began a journey of connecting and healing my Jewish ancestral lineage. 
  18. Retrained my brain to end chronic pain.
  19. Began growing out my natural gray hair
  20. Earned a living supporting clients that I love—with Wholeness Business Coaching.
  21. Cooked over 100 latkes and hosted a community Hanukah party.
  22. Consistently wrote you Life-giving Emails & Blogs—38 in total, thank you for reading!

How about you?

What were 22 (or even two) gems from your 2022? 

What events, experiences, relationships, and transformations are you remembering, appreciating, learning and growing from?

It’s never too late to take a pause and reflect on your past year.

Perhaps try one of these: a meditation replaying memories, scan your old calendar, re-read your journal, or a peruse your camera roll. Write down some highlights that influenced you for a truly informative, powerful, and illuminating practice.

I would love to hear from you! You’re invited to send me a reply with your list of 22 in ‘22—including your struggles and celebrations—or simply a happy new year, hello.

All is welcome. It is 2023, after all!

Thanks for your read here.

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