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Holy Moly, 300 Hours!?!

My New York City based executive client billed 300 hours last month. Holy moly, 300 hours!? For perspective, some people get certified in Yoga Teacher Training in that amount of time.  

Now my client knows very well that she was way over-working. It’s why she came to do deep coaching with me: to understand her patterns, to reclaim her life-work balance, to have better boundaries.

See, my client is wise, insightful, big-hearted, high-integrity, and dedicated to those she loves—including herself.

And! She is (like most human beings) conditioned to believe that in order to be liked and loved—let alone successful and significant in the workplace—that she has to do do do. That she must produce, churn-out, and execute ALL. THE. TIME.

Then she will be seen.
Then she will be valued.
Then she will be respected.

Unfortunately, my client is—also like many humans who burn the midnight working oil—feeling the effects of heavy stress, chronic anxiety, and daily frustration … let alone a deep longing for more meaningful connection and powerful presence

It’s a real conundrum. 

How about you?

Is your nervous system nearly fried and burnt out by all that is on your plate—and you can’t seem to come up for air?

Do you feel like your inner work horse “has to hustle”—and you are craving more spaciousness in your life?

Are you in a rut of over-working and under-living—and you deeply yearn for more balance?

If so, I get it. You are not alone, I have been there too.

And, I want you to know … this has nothing to do with the quick fix of scheduling dates with friends, meditating in the morning, taking a week-long beach vacation or even moving to Portugal—like I did—where the culture is work to live, not live to work.

I mean yes, those things are inspiring, and helpful for bringing more peace and joy into your life, which I certainly teach and advocate for. 

But really, being stuck in over-working and under-living, is about doing deep inner work.

It is about getting clear on the root cause for WHY you might be over-working and under-living. Exploring things like your need for external approval, your people pleasing tendencies, your feelings of guilt, or your difficulty in saying no and lack of healthy boundaries.

It is also about understanding the part of you that believes you have to do more or else …  
And, it is about creating an intimate relationship with the part of you that resists doing less.

Ultimately, this is about doing the deep inner work to become a Leader of Love—at work and at home. 

And it is exactly what I am working on with my client.

Because when you do the deep inner work to consciously understand your beliefs—and how they may influence your habits and patterns in work and life—then you can have peace. Then, you can have confidence. Then, you can have your needs met.

And then, you can absolutely have real and lasting life-work balance. 💯

Same like my client is experiencing! (FYI, she told me on our last session that she is feeling more calm, energized, and inspired!)

Dear One, it is the deep inner work that gives you the outer results you desire, and I am honored to do this kind of coaching.

If you’re feeling ready to transform and have real and lasting life-work balance—and you know that having support is necessary for your next-level of success—then you’re invited to schedule a private complimentary call with me where we’ll discuss your vision, see what’s getting in the way, and if we’re a good fit, how working together will help you become the Leader of Love you are meant to be.  

Thanks for your read here.

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