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I was in India – Where were You?

This blog holds a lot of heart, healing and vulnerability. It’s my story of being abroad at the onset of the pandemic. My hope is that this piece inspires you to connect with, share about and perhaps write up your March 2020 life experience.

This time was precious and for many, traumatic. It deserves to be expressed.

Here’s mine …

After I sold Next Generation Yoga (on 5.1.19), I spent 6-months in the Bay Area preparing myself physically, emotionally & spiritually – I worked deeply with my therapist, went on an 11-day vision quest, received endless blessings from my community as I gave up my Oakland apartment, sold my car, and put all my stuff in storage, just before setting off to wander, overseas.

I was ready!

And, privileged to enjoy 3 ½ months of solo, lover & friend time in the epic lands of Indonesia, Malayasia and India.

In December 2019, like most, my mind and vocabulary were Covid free.

In January, 2020 I flew from Bali to Borneo, wearing a mask on the plane because word amongst us travelers was that there was a SARS-like virus going around.

In February, 2020 I heard of a man from China who was evacuated from my Airbnb building in Kuala Lumpar, due to Corona Virus.

In March 2020, I sat in Satsang with Mooji, in Rishikesh, and repetitively heard announcements about staying home if we had recently travelled to Northern Italy and China.

Even with all of these experiences and knowing of the virus beginning to spread, I felt at ease travelling and being abroad. I was loving my time.

Until mid-March, when it really hit the United States.

Communicating with my family and friends in some of the hottest-spots like the Bay Area, Florida and New York City, the news was coming in fast and furious. My own terror inevitably set in.

To help soothe my nervous system, I relocated to a “Western” hotel, where the staff took the most exquisite kind-loving care of me – feeding me Ayurvedic sattvic food, checking in on my well-being, offering high-density cleaning services, and graciously supporting my many questions.

Should I go to Thailand? Back to Bali? Where did I have friends in SE Asia that I could link up with? Or should I just stay put in this lovely hotel in Rishikesh, India!?

Days went by and as the pandemic was ramping up in the United States I watched, intently, as travelers made the exodus out of India.

My mind and body grew more anxious about what to do and where to go. My overwhelm was on overdrive. My stress levels significantly high.

My friends suggested I return to the states. My parents said otherwise. The owner at my favorite Rishikesh restaurant suggested I stay there. That India would not get Corona Virus because the people are protected by the Ganga River. That the vibration is too high and that through chanting and prayer, all would be safe.

I was truly confused. I was utterly uncertain. I was hugely not ready to end my overseas travels. I had plans for my 2020, after all.

And, everything was happening so fast.

Ceaseless phone messages. Rampant abysmal news. Constant changing of travel plans.

The answer was inside of me but I struggled to know it.

Until I had a moment of peace … I took a break from it all and got on the back of a motorcycle with a new Indian friend who took me for a ride through the gorgeous foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It was truly a reprieve and a breath of fresh air. For the first time in days, my nervous system dropped in. And, I was able to see clearly. The beauty of Rishikesh. The heart of the people. The truth of my call to head to Hawaii.

And so I did.

With great grief and clarity, I said my goodbyes to the people, the place and my overseas wander and headed safely to Maui; the island that held me as I decompressed and integrated one of the most stressful life experiences.


That is my story. The story of how I let go of my attachment of how my life was supposed to go. The story of how I took a break from it all and chose nature as medicine. And the story of how I trusted my intuition in the midst of the onset of the pandemic, and ultimately found peace.

Dear One, there is healing to be had by the retelling of our stories. Thank you for reading and feeling me and my experience. I imagine your story is also personal, rich, tender, powerful and vulnerable. I’m here to listen to your story whether you choose to write it and email it to me or simply keep it in your own personal spheres.

Remember, the story of where you were matters.

Thanks for your read here.

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