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23 in ’23

2023 included mystery, heartache, frustration, grief, and sadness. It also encompassed deep learning, career and personal growth, local and international adventures, extraordinary connections, and next-level love. Our lives are full spectrum, after all.

Good and bad, joyful and tenderizing, alone and together—it matters that we acknowledge this past year.

Because equally as important as setting goals and New Year intentions—so too is reflecting and appreciating all that was. It’s how we learn, realize what we value, and identify what we want more (and less) of in 2024.

What events, experiences, relationships, breakthroughs, and transformations are you honoring, celebrating, learning, and growing from?

If you feel inspired to reflect on your 2023 year—perhaps try a spacious meditation recalling your most alive memories; or a review of your personal and work calendar; or a re-reading of your sacred journal; or a scroll of your social media posts; or a perusal of your camera roll. Write down some (or 23) highlights that informed your 2023 for a powerful and reflective illuminating practice

Mine looks like this …  

  1. Kicked off the year with a 3-month No-Man-Diet (AKA a relational reset)
  2. Powerfully got back on social media after a 3-year hiatus—and just a few weeks later, rocked out a #30dayFearlessChallenge
  3. Upleveled my Coaching ethics and skillset with the 10-month Sacred Depths Coach Training with Joanna Lindenbaum
  4. Coached hundreds of hours—loving every moment of my career serving entrepreneurs and executives
  5. Witnessed and supported my Dad in person with a successful tongue cancer surgery
  6. Witnessed and supported my Mom from afar with 3 intestine surgeries
  7. Lit yahrzeit candles for all four of my grandparents
  8. Hired a new badass business Coach
  9. Ate the juiciest of juicy mangoes straight of a Florida tree
  10. Networked my heart out and made some of the bestest new soulful professional friends: NeeluVictoriaMichelle
  11. Leaned in to a lovership and healed the part of me that can be “a runner”
  12. Both, got out of debt and back into debt
  13. Successfully ran my Women’s Mastermind Group with 8 entrepreneurs and launched another cohort (staring in January!)
  14. Marked my 7-year Self marriage anniversary
  15. Enjoyed a very fun family reunion celebrating 299 years of good things (my parents 60th anniversary, my moms 80th birthday, my 50th birthday, my brother & sister-in-laws 20th anniversary, my nieces 18th birthday, my brothers 55th birthday, my nephews 16th birthday)
  16. Travelled for 2 months through Portugal and clarified my desire to live there; submitted a Visa application
  17. Consciously completed with my longest Coaching client of 4 years
  18. Wrote my first resume and applied to dozens of coaching companies only to realize I am an entrepreneur through and through
  19. Healed another layer of my relationship with the Psoriasis on my skin by boldly sharing it with the world
  20. Felt deep fear of what it is to be Jewish
  21. Told my vulnerable story about one of my darkest times of life on the Healing Her podcast
  22. Fell in love with a beloved friend of 10 years
  23. Consistently wrote you Life-giving Emails & Blogs—38 in total, thank you for reading! 

How about you? What are some of your gems from 2023 that want to be honored?  

As always, I would love to hear from you! You’re invited to send me a message with your list of 23 in ‘23—including your struggles and celebrations.

All is welcome. It is a new year, after all!

HAPPY 2024!

Thanks for your read here.

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