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Boundaries Quiz

A lil boundaries quiz for you—if you are willing—how many of these do you say “yes” to? ...

—Do you know there is something more purposeful, exciting and next-level for you to do in your business but you haven’t made the time or energy to tend to it?

—Do you serve clients that you know are not ideal for you? 

—Do you undercharge even when you know you should charge more?

—Do you work outside of hours that feel good for you and your family?

—Do you spend endless hours scrolling social media even though you told yourself you’d stop?

—Do you miss time for your Self and doing the things you love to do?

—Do you have a hard time saying “no”?

If you said “yes”—even to one of these—said with love, you may benefit from tightening up your boundaries.

Now, I have no doubt that you know about boundaries, and the important role they play—I mean you may even be preaching them to your own kids and clients!

Still, we entrepreneurs—particularly service-based leaders (I am talking to you Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Healers, Therapists, and community-helper-types!)—are known for having loosey-goosey boundaries. Most likely it’s because we care so damn much and want to help so darn badly that we go outside our comfort zones to serve our people. 

Often to the point of sacrificing our own well-being and work productivity.

Boundaries, when set in a healthy fashion, are essential for giving us the space and energy we need to show up in our business as our best Self. To best serve our clients and employees. And, to help us stay aligned with our vision, and spend time on our most important priorities.

When you implement strong boundaries—you will have the freedom to do more of what you love, your relationships will improve, you will no longer feel guilty for saying “no”, you’ll charge more because you know your time is valuable, and you’ll feel energized, empowered and in charge of your day, business, and Life!

And what’s best of all!? 

When you take care of your Self and hold healthy boundaries—you’ll find your Self way more resourced and way less dispersed. You’ll find less of your energy going out in a million directions, and more of your energy reserves right there—available for you!

And—as a happy byproduct—you will be able to achieve your next-level business goal that you have been back-burner-ing, wanting to do, dreaming about for too long now. Simply, because you’ll have the inner resource to do so.

Dear One, implementing boundaries in your business is an act of radical Self care. 

It’s what we do in Beyond Bubble Baths. If you are a female entrepreneur who has gotten a lil wobbly with your boundaries lately and are ready to tighten your ship so that you can achieve your next-level business goal, you may want to join our growing group.

Send me a quick reply with your interest and I will share with you the details!

Thanks for your read here.

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