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Busyness is a Choice

We live in a world where being busy is glorified. Whether busyness to show off productivity, a time-filler, fear of missing out, a necessity to make ends meet, a way of over-giving, an addiction, or a way to escape.

Let’s face it, stacking schedules back-to-back with little time for breathing in between is not ideal for anyone’s nervous system.

When we are busy busy busy—going quickly from client meeting to carpooling, squeezing in a downward dog if we are lucky—we sacrifice our well-being and long-term productivity.

During states of bustling, we can miss the present moment, feel out of balance, dissociate from our body, and lose our sense of intentional living.

As entrepreneurs, being overly busy can make us lack creativity, work reactively, struggle to vision, too overwhelmed to take action, and leave us with a tendency to burn out.

Let alone, we miss doing the things we really want to do!

And the worst part is that—busyness can sometimes feel like the only way to be. Like there is no way out with an endless to-do list, looming deadlines, clients to serve, and more responsibilities than we know what to do with. It’s like busyness is the only option with no chance of slowing down. 

But, dear one, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Busyness, like all things, is a choice. 

And, as entrepreneurs, we are not victims or held to specific time-lines.

For the most part, we get to choose how we design our calendars. We have free-will to manage our time and to design a schedule that truly works for us (and our loved ones!)

Being an entrepreneur means you have time freedom. It means you can decide where and how and with whom you spend your time.

So, if you are feeling time pressured—consider, there is another way for you.

By consciously inserting spaciousness into your schedule, as an act of radical Self care, your world can radically change. 

And yes, I know it sounds crazy or impossible to ‘just add spaciousness’—when there is so much to do—but it is something you can choose and trust for a different and bigger outcome. 

With spaciousness …

You no longer will be rushing from thing to thing because you intentionally give your Self breathing room to arrive with grace.

You will have clarity, creativity, and inspiration to work on your important and desired business goals.

You will have sustained energy and inner resource to actually achieve more in less time.

If you are a busy entrepreneur who has been struggling with being too busy, time management, fatigue, feeling frazzled, and ready to slow the heck down—while still accomplishing your next business goal, you may consider adding spaciousness.

You may consider taming your engulfing schedule, unburdening your out of alignment responsibilities, and repatterning your over-giving tendencies.

This is what we do in Beyond Bubble Baths—a catalyst container for female entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve their next-level business goal without over-efforting, hustling, or busying BUT with the spaciousness, radical Self care, and a heaping well of inner resource.

Want to learn more? Send me a message with your interest and I’ll happily send you a PDF with all the details!

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