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21 in ’21

While last year may have been filled with instability, loss, angst, confusion, grief, and concern—I imagine you too had moments of beauty, love, renewal, discovery, creativity, growth, and connection.

Our lives are full spectrum: precious and poignant.

Also, deserved of reflection.

Good and bad, joyous and painful, micro and macro, alone and together—we shall remember, learn and grow from our past moments in time. For it is through a past year review that we can clarify what it is we really want more (and less) of—for this year ahead.

Equally important as looking ahead—and setting New Year intentions, goals, and plans—so too is looking back. It’s how we learn. It’s how realize what matters most and how we want to grow.

So even with the clock on the new year, it is not too late to reflect back. To see who and what impacted us most, inspired us deeply, and was cause for great growth.

In celebration of the meaningful, challenging, and transformational experiences—here are 21 in ’21 of mine: 

I …

  1. Ended my two-year sabbatical and my 17-month nomadic stint
  2. Retrieved my stuff from storage in Oakland, California and relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  3. Visited four National Parks: Big Bend, White Sands, Chaco Canyon, Great Sand Dunes
  4. Tenderly ended a few close friendships
  5. Deepened with several new soul sisters and brothers
  6. Had intimate encounters with Bull Snake, House Finch, and Northern Flicker
  7. Rescued two baby birds
  8. Witnessed my nephew go through a gorgeous rite of passage and become a Bar Mitzvah
  9. Birthed my JodiGolda brand—a coaching businesswebsite and new course offering: Beyond Bubble Baths
  10. Got bit by a dog
  11. Celebrated my five-year Self marriage anniversary
  12. Witnessed my Mom survive a miraculous and quick colon cancer journey
  13. Hosted a community Hanukkah party with home-made latkes 
  14. Researched, educated myself, and built bridges while standing firmly in my truth to not get vaccinated
  15. Traded Yoga for Pilates
  16. Felt physically, spiritually, and mentally stronger and healthier than I have in years
  17. Consistently lit the candles on Friday evening ritualizing the Sabbath
  18. Remained off all social media platforms
  19. Wrote 35 email newsletter / blog posts
  20. Developed a relationship with the land on which I live—walking daily, tending, and doing ceremony 
  21. Surrendered my lone-wolf mentality

How about you?

What were 21 (or even 2) gems from your 2021? 

What events, experiences, relationships, and transformations are you remembering, honoring, and learning from?

Will you take a pause to reflect on your past year?

Perhaps pour a cup of tea, daydream in nature, review your calendar, or peruse your camera roll—then journal it out for a truly informative, powerful, and illuminating practice.

I would love to hear from you! You’re invited to send me a message with your list of 21 in ‘21—your struggles and your celebrations—or simply a hello.

All is welcome. It is 2022, after all!

Thanks for your read here.

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