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Ask for What You Want

I am just back from celebrating my 50th Birthday in Barcelona—which btw was 10-days of sensuality, pleasure, and fun! The food, architecture, and beauty—ooof, that city won my heart!

Pix here if you’d like a glimpse.

Just before I left, I sent you an email with a special (and vulnerable) request. I asked to receive a unique birthday blessing with your memories and words of appreciation for how my writing / teaching / being has impacted you.

I knew in my bones that I wanted this because since newly living in Portugal—and not yet having a community of friends to party with in person—I felt my desire for connection and celebration could be met by calling upon my online community.

Let me just say, in doing so—you showed up!

I received dozens of heart-felt messages like this one from my high-school boy-friends’ step-mom, who now happens to be a client:

You’ll always be that sweet, lovely 16-year-old girl to me. Who would’ve predicted that you would go on to become a world class badass entrepreneur, author, and business coach? So proud of you, my dear! I see you as a champion for women worldwide, grounded in love and courage! So very grateful we have reconnected and I hope we shall remain in touch for many years to come!”

Whether you sent me a note or warmly welcomed my email ask—THANK YOU from deep in my heart.

My recent experience of Self advocacy has truly inspired me.

Asking for what you want can be scary and overwhelming. It can even make you want to run away. I know it can for me.

I mean, the fear of rejection is real! 😬😬😬

But when you fall prey to not asking for what you want—let alone not knowing what you want—your Self esteem can taper, especially if you believe that your wants are not worthy. You can feel resentful towards others if you expect them to mind-read your needs. And, you can create a real slowing down of your goals if you don’t have the help and resources that others can provide.

But really, when you clearly know what you want—and you know how to ask for it without entitlement or expectation—it is healthy. It is empowering. It is Self advocacy.

It is what Leaders of Love do.

Leaders of Love know what they want, and they courageously ask for it.

At home—with your friends and family. And, at work—with your colleagues and clients.

Imagine, you know exactly what you want and you Self advocate to receive support.

Something like …

You come home from a super long day of work and realize how nice it would be to not have to cook, so you kindly ask your partner to make you dinner. And, they do.

You are starting a new business, and you know the power of word-of-mouth growth, so you confidently ask your community for referrals. And, you receive them.

You are starting to feel sick, and you really want to go home and rest instead of teaching your Yoga class and so with Self love, you ask for a sub. And, you get one.

You are organizing a much-needed week-long get-away but you need child-care to make it happen and so you unwaveringly ask fellow parents to help. And, they do.

You are feeling lonely after moving to a new city, and so you powerfully ask your best friend to check-in on you regularly. And, she does.

Even though it is scary. Even though it is hard. Even though it is vulnerable.

Because when you do—and others authentically give you what you asked for—you can have confidence that your relationships support you.

You can have beliefs that you belong and matter.

You can have freedom, trust, and love for your Self.

And, you can have your needs met and goals accelerated. 

At work and at home

If that’s you—and you are ready to really know what you want and step into your power and ask for it even if you’ve been confused or scared about this in the past—and you know that having support is necessary for your next-level of your success, then you’re invited to schedule a private complimentary call with me where we’ll discuss your vision, see what’s getting in the way, and if we’re a good fit, how working together will help you become the Leader of Love you are MEANT to be.  

Thanks for your read here.

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