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I am Turning 50

Next Wednesday (4.24) I am turning 50. I’ve been thinking a lot about this milestone and how I’d like to mark it in a meaningful way (in addition to the gift of going to Barcelona with my Boo 🥳 🇪🇸🥂! So, no blog next week, btw!)

As a Leader of Love, I know my Self. Truly, I have spent decades committing to my personal growth and learning about myself. I know to listen to my truth, to label my needs, to indulge in my desires.

And, what’s come alive for me around this significant birthday is the deep desire to receive words of appreciation. No gifts, no monotonous HBD, no welcome to the 50’s club!

Really, for my 50th Birthday, I want … 

🙏🏻 To be honored with reflections of how people see me.
🙏🏻 To be inspired by the meaningful memories we have shared.
🙏🏻 To be gifted with how I may have impacted you and your life.

And even though I feel this deep in my heart and true in my body … I feel vulnerable in making this special ask. I feel worried that I might be perceived as too much. I feel scared that you’ll think I am self-centered.

I mean, culture has literally trained us to only focus on others. Society says that if we make such bold requests, then we are egotistical. Media shows us that we ought not to ask for what we want or we are self-absorbed.

I mean who the heck asks for what they want on their birthday!? 

Leaders of Love do!

Leaders of Love trust their inner wisdom, ask for what they want, and believe that their needs can be metIn the work place and at home. 

Even when they are scared, even when they feel vulnerable, even when they worry

Because they know these feelings are also human and totally normal.

So dear one‚ as a beloved member of my online community whom I appreciate and treasure … 

Would you be willing to hit the reply button and send me some Birthday love?

Not just the typical Happy Birthday, but something specific about how we first met. Perhaps about, how you see me in the world. Or, how I’ve made a difference for you. And maybe, how my email newsletters, teachings, and essence has improved your life.

I’d be so grateful and honored to receive such a meaningful gift for my 50th birthday. 

I’d also be inspired to hear what you want, what you’re boldly asking for—whether it’s your birthday or not—because you know you are worthy of asking, receiving, and having what you want. 

As always, you are invited to let me know how you go.

Thanks for your read here.

Did you enjoy this post?
I sincerely hope so!

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