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A Fearless Challenge

You may or may not have caught my involvement in a recent social media experiment where for the last 30 days I posted consistently on Facebook and Instagram—in my vulnerability, visibility, and value-ability.

I can sincerely say that for the first time in my life, I straight up shared things that I never have named to the public before. Things like the time I married a man against every intuitive signal in my body, (Day 5); The real reason I was in a wheelchair, (Day 12); And, embarrassing moments that didn’t really embarrass me (Day 26).

And I did so fearlessly—by not worrying what my family, friends, and current or future clients would say or think.

It was liberating. It was empowering. It was inspiring.

It was also challenging.

Challenging because after a nearly three-year hiatus from these platforms, lots of my old patterns and stuff around social media got kicked up. (Day 23.)

And truth is …

There were many times where I had strong resistances to the daily prompts. And, there were multiple moments where I wanted to give up. As well as that one day I was so emotionally drained and physically spent after a relational squabble that I didn’t think I had it in me. (Day 25.)

But I did!

I leaned in, I stayed committed, I touched my edges, and I imperfectly did what I said I would do.

For the past 30 days I authentically wrote posts and made live videos courageously sharing my Self with my online community. If you are curious, here is what happened in the #fearless30challenge …

Day 1: A powerful stand I take … FB & IG
Day 2: The people who have deeply inspired me … FB & IG
Day 3: How Self love impacts every area of your life … FB & IG
Day 4: My superpower ~ consensual courageous conversations … FB & IG
Day 5: My biggest mistake … FB & IG
Day 6: The thing that scared the sh*t out of me! … FB & IG
Day 7: Misconceptions for what may be holding you back … FB & IG
Day 8: Who I LOVE to coach … FB & IG
Day 9: The person I will NOT coach … FB & IG
Day 10: 12 reasons I do what I do … FB & IG
Day 11: How I give back … FB & IG
Day 12: A failure turned blessing … FB & IG
Day 13: A challenge I’ve overcome … FB & IG
Day 14: How I’ve grown as a leader … FB & IG
Day 15: The greatest investment I ever made ~ has nothing to do with $$ … FB & IG
Day 16: A limiting belief I have overcome, I am not my bank account … FB & IG
Day 17: My (recent) heroine’s journey … FB & IG
Day 18: Some controversial thoughts on the coaching industry … FB & IG
Day 19: The future world I envision … FB & IG
Day 20: Some of the greatest outcomes I have co-created … FB & IG
Day 21: I am messy, I am imperfect, and I am working on it! … FB & IG
Day 22: This is important, and it is being missed … FB & IG
Day 23: It terrifies me to tell you about this … FB & IG
Day 24: Oh, the places I will go ~ before I die … FB & IG
Day 25: An invitation for leaders … FB & IG
Day 26: This was (not) embarrassing … FB & IG
Day 27: Making big decisions ~ should I or shouldn’t I … FB & IG
Day 28: A humble and fearless brag about why they get results … FB & IG
Day 29: In a saturated sea of coaches ~ here’s how I stand out … FB & IG
Day 30: A gift that keeps on giving … FB & IG

If you do check out some or all of the posts, I’d love to know which day touched you; and what inspired or resonated with you? You can hit reply and I’ll for sure respond.

Lastly, a huge shout out of appreciation for supporting me in this fearless challenge. As a thank you—I am offering two new Coaching clients half-off-the-investment through end of June.

Ready to be fearless? Message me!

Thanks for your read here.

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