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A Sweet Solstice Gift

Happy Summer Solstice! Yesterday was that powerful planetary moment, in the Northern Hemisphere, when the tilt of our globe brought us closest to the Sun—gifting us with the longest amount of day-light in the entire year. For many, it means the official start to Summer.

For me, it was an opportunity for an authentic mid-year contemplation and cultivation.

I honored the magical morning by intentionally walking the land behind my home here in Santa Fe, New Mexico—speaking out loud my gratitude for all the lessons I have learned and blessings that have occurred this first half of the year. I also positively affirmed my intentions and desires for all I am cultivating in the upcoming six months.

With the support of the potent energy of the Sun and the natural world as my witness, it felt good to be so present with Life.  

It also felt good to name my burning desire to be of service to you through my 1:1 Private Coaching practice.

Here’s what I know …
🧡If you want to take your life and career to your next level …
🧡If you know that something big is in store , but you don’t know what it is yet or how to get there …
🧡If you feel like you are stuck and unsure which direction to go …
🧡Or, if you want to get to know your Self in a deeper, more Self loving way …

I want to be your guide in transformation this second half of the year. I want to be your ally in clarifying and creating what’s next for you.  

And I want to do it by offering you a sweet and generous Solstice gift!

For the remainder of June, I am opening up three Coaching spots with a rare Solstice half-the-investment savings. If you are ready to do some deep Coaching, send me a message with your interest and we can schedule a no-pressure call to explore what it is that you want to create for your Self.

May this sacred time of year be spent reflecting on what has been and intentionally calling in what is to come.

Thanks for your read here.

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