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60 Freaking Years!?!

Last week my inspiring parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Holy moly, my goddess, wow oh wow—60 freaking years!?! Even though I have been surrounded by their undying Love for my whole life—and truly it is remarkable—it still stops me in my tracks to digest the massive level of long-time commitment they’ve made to each other.

Through thick and thin, good times and bad, sorrow and joy, sickness and in health … Rookie & Stan Komitor have said YES to love. They have stayed in it, stuck with it, and devoted to it.

Naturally, witnessing their love and milestone diamond anniversary has me in my own inquiry around commitment. I’ve been examining the people, places, and things that I say YES to—day after day.

Like certain friendships—even if we have a rupture—I stay IN.

Like my healthy lifestyle—because I feel better eating clean and exercising daily—I stay IN.

Like my personal growth—no matter if it feels edgy or shadowy or challenging—I stay IN.  

Like tending to my plants—regardless of when I question if they’ll ever grow—I stay IN.

Like my coaching business—even when I feel wobbly—I stay IN.

I stay IN because these are things that matter to me, that I value, and that I know are meant for me.

How about you? What things or people are you committed to?

What do you stay IN—no matter what—because you know it’s important to you, it’s right for you, and it gives you meaning and purpose? Really, if you are willing—tell me, I’d love to know!

Whether it’s a day or a week, a year or 60—we can absolutely stay fierce, focused, and faithful to a relationship, a career, a practice, and a plant.

Commitment to anything gives us Self respect, Self confidence, clarity, purpose and meaning.  

My parents are a living example of this.

But because we are human—we can sometimes waver. We can sometimes get lost on the path. We can sometimes want to give up. We can sometimes get frustrated by the lack of instant gratification.

Especially when it comes to running a small business where commitment is needed. And how I know this one!

This is why I lead my Women’s Mastermind Group

To support women who run their own business in their commitment to doing their meaningful work in the world. To coach women entrepreneurs in business strategy and skill so they get (re)committed and achieve their goals. To support women business owners with a loving and safe circle where they are witnessed and celebrated for their career commitment.

If you are woman who runs her own small business and ready to up your 2024 commitment game—you may want to join the next cohort of my Women’s Mastermind Group. Send me a message and we can hop on a no-pressure call or I can email you a document with all the details.

Let’s be like my parents … committed!

Thanks for your read here.

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