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Authentic Self Care

Tis the season to blog about Self care, but if you know me—you know I always like to riff about Self care—no matter what the season. 


Before you X out of this post because you think I am going to make some generic suggestions about ways you can “do self-care”, and I am—but it’s not what you think.

First, can we get clear on what this overused, trendy, hashtag hyphenated “self-care” thing really means because I for one am all about re-defining—and maybe one day re-naming—the truth of this modern day practice.

And, beyond that—what does authentic Self care look like on a practical level in our life and work!?

Is it something we cram on our calendar in between thing A and before rushing to thing B?

Is it another box we hope to check on our to-do list?

Is it an act that we feel we need to be good at so we can take the perfect picture and post it on Instagram to get some “likes”?

No, it is not.

We do not get to cross bubble bath off our to-do list and call it Self care!

It’s deeper than that.

It is moving away from the cliché “self-care” jargon (that, btw, we can get around to or not)—into a fierce commitment towards loving ourselves genuinely.

Authentic Self care (with a capital S and no hyphen) is having a deep and profound love and care for your Self.

While yes it is pampering—it is also more like parenting.

Parenting all. Year. Long. No matter what. 

This past year I took bold action in my career while parenting myself in the form of authentic Self care. Things like …

✨Working from my feminine energy—listening to my inner wisdom and shifting when I notice myself out of balance
✨Staying off social media
✨Taking daily cell-phone free walks
✨Giving myself space on my schedule so no rushing or hustling back-to-back activities
✨Breaks with movement (dancing, stretching, walking) throughout the working day
✨Raising my rates to the amount that were more aligned for what I offer
✨Meeting with a financial planner to help with spending, savings, and investments (finally!)
✨Saying “no” to people, places, clients, and events that didn’t align
✨Kindly leaning in to difficult conversations instead of sitting on my truth to keep the peace
✨Went for all the check-ups with the docs (GP, OB, Dermo, Eye, Dental) after putting it off for years

And yes, I took a ton of bubble baths! 🛁🛁🛁

But really, it was in these non-stereotypical acts of Self care that filled me up, this past year, with a steady stream of juicy energy—so that I could take BIG action in my business. So that I could launch the website, write the consistent blogs, attract the new clients, and design the group course … all from a place of being radically resourced. 

Truly, this practice of going beyond ordinary “self-care” is access to authenticity, a well of vitality, knowing of personal needs, confidence in decision making, and badass boundary setting.

If you are ready to shift your mindset away from cliché acts of “self-care” towards an authentic form of love and Self care so that you are resourced and ready to rock that next-level thing in your business, then you may be interested to join me (and our growing group) in going Beyond Bubble Baths.

If yes, send me a message and I will fill you in on the details for how you can launch your next business goal—without the hustling, busy-ing, or over-giving—and, with authentic Self care.  

Thanks for your read here.

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