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The Addiction Runs Deep

Have you ever OD’d on digital media? Like when you compulsively scroll, obsessively check for “likes”, or persistently revisit a site for the latest updates—and you do it knowing you are in an unhealthy cycle, that you really want to break—but you don’t.

This was me recently and it didn’t feel so good.

The addiction runs deep.

You may or may not have heard about the Freedom Trucker Convoy that started up in Canada at the end of January. The movement (that gained global traction) captured my attention, and heart, and I have been closely following the details of the Covid mandate protesting people. ***This email is not about my political views—I am giving you context.***

But as things escalated and tensions rose on the grounds in Canada—and in most all other countries as police used physical aggression to end the protests—I noticed my nervous system becoming activated.

I noticed uncomfortable sensations in my body.

I noticed my heart deeply saddened.

I noticed I needed to take a break from tracking the movement.

And so I did. I committed to 48-hours free of digital media.

If you have ever found yourself habitually checking your phone or even overly prioritizing your virtual life—whether it be scrolling social media, checking email, gaming, or reading current events—and you know it potentially impacts your nervous system, your work productivity, your relationships, and your mental health—you are not alone.

And, It is possible to make a shift. It is possible to break the addiction to digital media and electronic devices.

It simply requires a conscious decision to make a change and a commitment to Self discipline—also known as having radical Self care.  

It starts with noticing you have the desire to break the habit.

Then, choosing the act that will break the cycle—i.e., taking a weekend digital detox, delete the apps that pull on your, put the device in a locked drawer, leave it behind when you go for a walk.

These small actions can make a big difference.

After doing so, you may notice a change in your being.

You may notice that your nervous system relaxes, your relationships deepen, your mental health improves, and or your commitment to Self deepens.

You may even notice a desire to make other changes for your Self.

And, I sincerely hope you do!

If you’d like, leave a comment with any insight that you have around your relationship with digital media and your electronic devices. What do you notice about your tendencies and what actions are you committed to taking?

Thanks for your read here.

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