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Fill What’s Empty, Empty What’s Full

Hello from gorgeous, wild, tropical, balmy, jungle paradise—aka, Roatan, Honduras—the island where I’ve come to fill what’s empty, empty what’s full. It’s a magical place where I came to take an ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training.

To be inside of a personal growth container—to receive, learn, and grow.

After completing facilitating my own course a few weeks ago—and after holding exquisite space for female entrepreneurs, delivering teachings, and giving energy—I felt my need to fill my own well, to replenish and nourish my Self.

And so I blessedly did.

I designed an extraordinary situation where I could be in a heavenly environment—do some desired “inner work” and then stick around on island to integrate and scuba dive—and get so filled up and resourced that I could reciprocate, return to writing, resume my coaching, and launch my next online course offering.

I write to you from this place, now.

As I reflect on my process, I’ve been reminded of Alice Roosevelt Longworth quote, “fill what’s empty, empty what’s full and scratch where it itches.”

Where the natural flow of life and the law of giving and receiving—is alive and present in me.

And perhaps inside of you too, dear one?!

The cycle of emptying and filling is necessary and exists in all of us.

As we parent, teach, lead, create, perform, serve—we outflow energy.

And, as we retreat, recuperate, replenish, receive—we inflow energy.  

Both are vital for balance and wholeness. In life and business.

What is empty inside of you that needs filling? Or what is full inside of you that needs emptying? How will you scratch your itch?

Perhaps take a few minutes today to slow down, to journal, and to notice where you are in your cycle. Do you need replenishment? Some slow, quiet, alone time … some receiving of love, connection, or physical touch? What would be resourcing for you?

Or do you have extra energy to give? A readiness to share, serve, gift, and contribute.

Wherever you are, I encourage you to welcome this season of your journey and consider how you might care for your Self for a balanced and whole life and business. As always, you are welcome to share your process, insights and noticing’s with me—so we remember we are not alone—send me a message or leave a comment below, I always love hearing from you.

PS ~ Now that I am restored, I am ready to give. I am excited (and deeply grateful) to be launching Beyond Bubble Baths from this magical island. Stay tuned for more on how to launch *your next biz goal* from a place of radical Self care.

Thanks for your read here.

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