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Apprenticing with River

Last week I was blessed with River time including two nights camping by the Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico. Not only was it gorgeous and refreshing amidst such hot temperatures—but I absorbed so much medicine from this flowing body of water.

I intentionally chose to sit (for hours!) and apprentice with River because I want more flow and fluidity in my life, and because I have recently recognized some rigidity and resistance in my relationships.

You too, dear One?

River has so much to teach us!

So, I made a lil video for you about how River gloriously demonstrates how effortless it can feel to flow—with Life—downstream.

And, reversely, how it can feel to resist Life and swim upstream.

Take a watch at this short video and perhaps a look at how your relationships, clients, work, projects, tasks are feeling today. Are you more in flow and drifting downstream? Or are you in resistance and swimming upstream? Either way, all of you is welcome.

I would love for you to hit the reply button and send word on how your inner-river is flowing—I always love to hear from you!

Thanks for your read here.

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