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Trust Your Self—You Always Know

This message is blessing and loving reminder to trust your Self because—you always know. The questions that you long to have the answers to—whether spiritual, relational, personal, or professional—reside inside of you.

Recently, I was back and forth—all up in my head—on whether or not to do something. (That “something” was to go on a date with very specific details that I won’t go into here unless you want to know, you can ask me.) But, it was a matter of the heart.

And even though I most often know and trust my inner-guidance—for some reason in this moment I was plagued with indecision—and it was hard for me to access my truth.

Should I, shouldn’t I? What if this, what if that? I am this, he is that.

I struggled by making up stories; and questioning my Self.

Can you relate?

Have you ever felt hijacked by a decision-making process—big or small? Have you ever felt lost in your Self and not know what to do?

I feel you. This was me, too. 🤪😝😭

And, I even did the thing I know not to do.

I overtly (and playfully) looked outside of myself in hopes to find the answer.

I picked cards from the Gaia Oracle deck. I checked my horoscope on the AstrologyZone app. I even asked a friend for her thoughts—which thankfully she reminded me that I know what to do.

And while I went on a wavering rollercoaster, I ultimately got clear on what was true for me.

I ultimately sat still, breathed deep, and paid attention to my Self.

I paid attention to the quiet intuitive voice inside and the palpable indicators in my body—both which revealed my inner-knowing and truth.

When I slowed down I could hear my inner-guidance confidently speaking wisdom, intuition, and truth.

When I slowed down I could feel the signals in my body—the tightness in my chest and the pit in my stomach.

These two innate and wise parts are ALWAYS giving us information for our decision-making process.

It’s just a matter of listening and trusting that we know.

Yes, it can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming to know the answers to our deepest life questions and professional decisions.

But when we choose to listen to our inner voice and bodily signals—we can know our truth way quicker than trying to figure it out in our head.

So, perhaps next time you are tussling to answer an important question—either simple or substantial—consider pausing and noticing what your intuitive inner-voice and wise body has to say.

What do you hear and what do you feel? And are you willing to trust your inner knowing?

I certainly hope so because—you always know.

Thanks for your read here.

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