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It’s OK for You to Have Needs

I invite you to take a moment, and a slow breath, to really let this next sentence sink in deep. Deep into your bones and into your soul …

It is OK for you to have needs—and, you are worthy of having your needs met.

Needs, as in something that is necessary for you to live a wholesome life.

Even when it is inconvenient. Even when it feels like there is no time in the day. Even when it feels like other peoples’ needs matter more than yours.

You. Deserve. To be deeply nourished. And to have your needs met.

With food. With love. With sex. With connection. With solitude. With rest. With movement. With whatever is true for you.

As human beings—despite the way we were brought up or programmed by propaganda—we, naturally, have needs.

And yet, sometimes we forget. Sometimes we place greater importance on other people’s needs over our own. Sometimes we aren’t even clear what our own needs are. Or, that we have them at all.

This is when we can shut down.

This is when we can feel disempowered.

This is when we can lack energy to be in action.

This is when we can put our business goals on the back burner.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It starts with identifying your needs.

It starts with slowing down, noticing the sensations in your body, pinpointing your feelings, and then discovering and writing down your needs. This process helps to clarify what is important to you and what do you value most. It also helps you to illuminate your boundaries and recognize how and with whom you will spend your precious time. 

Here’s an example and a few of my needs …

🤎 I need to have spaciousness

🤎 I need to feel included

🤎 I need to be attuned with people I am intimate with

🤎 I need to be in relationship with people who honor my highest value of Self care

🤎 I need to work with clients and people who honor my time

🤎 I need to work in an environment that is aesthetically inspiring

🤎 I need to be on purpose

When I am living inside of my needs—I have Self integrity.

When I am meeting my own needs—I have confidence and a steady stream of energy.

When my needs are met by others—I have right aligned relationships.

When I know, honor, and communicate my needs—I have power to focus on and achieve my business goals.

When your needs are clear and being met—either by your Self, your clients, or those you are in relationship with—you are most likely to feel at ease, to be in your confidence, and to have the inner resource and energy to fuel all areas of your life—including your business.

Identifying and claiming your needs is an act of radical Self care.

It is not always easy—I personally know this to be true—but it is highly beneficial.

It is why I teach ‘needs and boundaries’ to women entrepreneurs in my online group course, Beyond Bubble Baths. So that you can be in alignment with your Self and have ease in your relationships—and ultimately have the energy to achieve your business goals.

If you are a female entrepreneur ready to clarify, claim, and communicate your needs so that you have the resource to move your next business goal forward—send me a message. I would love to chat with you!

Thanks for your read here.

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