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I was Starving!

Not so long ago … I dated unavailable men—where they'd toss out a crumb or two and I’d stay hooked. I experienced a once-best-friend turn into dried-up-dissatisfaction. I had misaligned clients. And, I definitely said yes to “B-minus“ events when I knew I’d rather stay home. Crumbs! All of that—was me settling for crumbs.

And I ate those crumbs! Not because I was forced to—but because at the time, I believed it was a fancy feast.

But really—that guy, friend, client, and party were just fillers.

These were ways that I accepted less—even though I desired more. These were ways in which I passively took what I could—without proactively creating what I wanted. 

These were crumbs that were seemingly satisfying—but ultimately, far from the gratifying.

And what stands out most to me during my period of banquet crumb eating time!?

I was starving. 

I was starving for deep connection.

I was starving for my desires to be met.  

I was starving for alignment. 

And, deep down—I knew I didn’t deserve love, friendship, client, or even fun crumbs. Deep down I knew I deserved the whole damn loaf!

And, so do you! 🥖

The metaphor of eating crumbs is when we settle for less and take what we can get. It’s typically when we just keep the peace, don’t rock the boat, and rarely ask for what we want. It’s often when we don’t honor our value or go for our dreams.

When I worked powerfully with my Coach to end all crumb eating and design a life of my dreams—everything changed for the better. 

My relationships became more balanced, nourished, and authentic. My work became more prosperous with clients more aligned. My time became more filled with meaningful activities. And most important, my confidence and love for my Self became more evident.

It is so tempting to settle for less than what you really want. Potentially, because of childhood programming, a lack of Self worth, or because at least you have something instead of nothing. 

Let me tell you again: You don’t deserve crumbs!

You are worthy of real love—the kind that is chosen, present, and connected.

You are worthy of reciprocal relationships—the kind that uplifts, feeds, and meets you.

You are worthy of purposeful work—the kind that inspires, aligns, and rewards you.

Because you matter.

If you sense that you have been settling for less and are craving more—I encourage you to join me and stop allowing crumbs.

Perhaps take a moment to think or journal about any patterns for where and from whom you have been settling. Where are you longing for more? Where are you settling for less? Where are your needs not being met? And, where are you quieting your voice and not going for what you want?

If you’d like, you’re invited to safely share with me where you have been settling for crumbs in your life and business. 

And, let me empower you to end this cycle …

Tell yourself the truth.

Stop settling for crumbs.

You are worthy.

Thanks for your read here.

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