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58 Years!?!

Today my parents are celebrating 58 years of being married. They said their vows in Brooklyn, New York just one week after John F Kennedy was assassinated. I hear it was a moment in time, for sure. And, my goodness, that number of years staying married is inspiring.

Especially because they are still happy together and in love.

When I ask my folks what the real remedy for their blessed relationship has been, they say it’s because of their willingness to communicate, the space they take for themselves (ie. time for their personal interests and with their friends), and their undying dedication to loving and supporting each other.

How simple and beautiful.

I can’t help but have my own inquiry around what it takes to have such a long standing commitment in love – or, a deep promise to anything, for that matter. 

When I think of something in my world that I have dedicated my Self to for such a wild and long time, I am reminded of the 21 years that I rocked my former business, Next Generation Yoga.

So, what did it take for me to be successful in that game and to stay whole-heartedly committed to being an entrepreneur and pioneering an industry?

Also, simple and beautiful – following my passion, knowing my purpose, being willing to change/grow/pivot, listening to my heart and taking really good care of my Self all along the way.

Dear one, we all have innate superpowers for commitment. Whether it’s a week or a year, 21 or 58, we can stay fierce, focused, and faithful to a relationship, a career, a practice, a plant.

Will you take a pause to discover what you’ve been enduring in your life, and name the qualities you hold for commitment to success? In doing so, you might just realize how meaningful, rewarding and powerful your journey of allegiance has truly been. Write them down, share them with a friend, or leave a comment below – I always love to hear what you’re up to.

One more thing … If you immediately thought, “I want to be more committed to my Self care!” Or: “I have a project or goal that I can’t seem to focus on.” I have something that might help with that.

In January 2022, I’m launching a brand new group for female (identifying) entrepreneurs where we’ll up-level our Self care so that you can tend to a specific business goal – successfully and spaciously.

Sound like something you’d love to commit to? Curious to know more? Send me a message and I’ll happily share more about Beyond Bubble Baths!

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