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Community Values & Agreements

Thank you for reading and agreeing to these values. To put it simply, I request that all members, with whom I engage in community with, maintain respect for them Self and for others—also, for our unique (and shared) lived experiences.


We seek to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic class background, religions, spiritualities, body types, neurodiversity’s, physical abilities, and vaccination status. 

We endeavor to create a community that is anti-racist and anti-oppression. We acknowledge the privileges some of us hold in a white supremacist and capitalist culture. 

We speak inclusively to create as safe a space as possible for all present, being aware of how our life experiences and backgrounds are different from others. 

We are always learning, growing, and educating ourselves to be more sensitive and responsive to justice and inclusion. We remain humble and open to feedback for suggestions about how we can be more inclusive.



We seek to learn from and honor each other’s experiences. 

We come together to support each other—we listen with compassion and speak with kindness. 

We value authenticity, honesty, and consent. 

We aim to support each other in transforming competitiveness, silence, and separateness into collaboration, acceptance, and connection.

We hold zero tolerance for hate and abuse. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, anti-immigrant, and all other forms of discriminatory rhetoric will not be allowed in our space.

We maintain confidentiality and understand that all communications and events that take place within the container of the community are not to be spoken about with any members not in the community without explicit consent.

We recognize that if we have the tendency to speak a lot, then we do so with mindfulness, and we take turns to proportionately share the space. 

We show up with presence and give our attention to others in the community.

Self Responsibility

We take personal responsibility and agree to be accountable for our individual thoughts, feelings, and actions, whether positive or negative. 

We accept the idea that we create our own business and life. We understand and appreciate that things happen for us, and not to us.

We agree to not blame or complain.

We agree to not take things personally and to see things objectively and rationally. 

We agree to respond and not to react. 

We agree to speak our needs clearly, and with compassion, and to reach out for help whenever needed.  

If an incident occurs, and a member of the community has caused harm (even if unintentional), the member will agree to participate in a process and do their work with Self reflection. 

Self Care

We believe that Self care is not a one-off event—It is a lifestyle.

We commit to being on a journey of entrepreneurism, while simultaneously taking exquisite care of our Self—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We do our best to speak kindly to our Self and to be gentle with any parts that are tender.  

We aim to understand and acknowledge when we show up as “the perfectionistic,” “the hustler,” “the good-student,” “the drill sergeant” or any other persona’s that may not serve us—so that we can heal these parts. 
We agree to speak up for our Self when necessary whether it is a concern or a question.

Coaching and Feedback

We agree to be coachable and open to feedback—knowing it is for our best interest and an opportunity to grow. We agree to share our experiences, answer questions, and reflect on suggestions. 

If you have a suggestion, constructive criticism, or thoughts on how to make the course and community even better—you are invited to contact me directly at: I am continually looking for ways to improve, and I appreciate your input.

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