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Celebrating 🎉

This week I completed teaching my new course for women entrepreneurs where I guided them to launch something next-level and big in their business—from a place of radical Self care.

From a place where they took deep and exquisite care of their Self in all areas of life—physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and occupationally.

From a place where they were so resourced with a steady stream of energy that they inevitably were able to move the needle forward on their most desirous business goal.

Of course it wasn’t perfect—and, what is!?

But we did it!

We consistently circled up together, spoke our most authentic and vulnerable truths, witnessed each other, gave ourselves a whole lotta compassion and love … and, we broke through the resistance on that business goal that was once stuck on the back burner.  

I am excited to share more of their wins with you in the coming weeks, but I want to start with mine.

Because I truly could not have launched my next-level and big thing in my own business—birthing a new course, marketing it, filling it, and teaching it—without also taking crazy good care of my Self. 

I could not have done it without taking regular phone-free walks and dancing daily.

I could not have done it without creatively cooking home-made nutrient dense meals.

I could not have done it without truly being present to and feeling my tender emotions of fear, doubt, worry, and humility.

I could not have done it without processing my expectation of it being perfect and then surrendering to a beginner’s mind.

I could not have done it without habitually talking with the natural world.

I could not have done it without stacking rocks, doing ritual and ceremony on the land here in Santa Fe.

I could not have done it without identifying my needs, and holding my boundaries with friends, family, and clients.

I could not have done it without deleting digital distractions.

I could not have done it without slowing the fu*k down.

I could not have done it without being inside my own support container and receiving coaching.

I could not have done it without practicing what I was teaching.

Because this is how I roll and what I teach. When we are up to BIG THINGS—leaning in, not putting it off, and taking good care along the way—is how it’s done.

If you are up to something big in your business (or life)—something like writing copy for your new website, designing a new course offering, hiring a team member, starting-up your biz or transitioning out—simultaneously taking care of your Self is the necessary ingredient to make it happen with success.

Today, I am celebrating myself and the ladies in the very first Beyond Bubble Baths course—for completing what we set out to do, and for being living embodiments of Self care as medicine for business success.

Thank you, dear one, for following along, for celebrating with me, and for being on this life journey together!

Thanks for your read here.

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