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Life-Giving Blogs

Are You Ready to Love Thyself

As a female entrepreneur who lives a life of commitment to personal and professional growth—always seeking, building, expanding, and upleveling—I inevitably hit my edges, which can and often lead to … feelings.

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Never Schedule Self Care Again!

I’ve come a long way. This week I am tasked with finding a clawfoot tub in the middle of nowhere for a very specific photo shoot. While a bathtub in nature is a lovely idea, it’s not something you easily find via a Google search.

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You are Not Alone …

Has life felt challenging for you, recently?

Let’s take a long slow deep breath together …

You are not alone.

I’ve been hearing it from so many people – and I’ll include myself in the mix too – that life has been I N T E N S E lately!

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I am Giving Birth

I am birthing something new – something that offers my unique and special gifts with the world and I am so freaking excited about it!

Also, scared sh*t-less, in doubt, insecure and most all other feelings that come with being wildly pregnant. 🙃

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It’s OK to Ask

Last week, amidst the gorgeous changing of New Mexico weather, I joined together with a group of 16 other beautiful beings, camping out in the wild & mysterious Chaco Canyon for six nights – all of us bringing our unique personalities, varied physical abilities, diverse wants and special needs.

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Dance Helps

Last week I was feeling the funk.

It was too much computer time, lots of emotional processing, the collective anxiety creeping in and not enough time deep out in wild nature.

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My heart grieved this morning and tears flowed.

I received a text from a dear friend, and Next Generation Yoga grad, with an update on her family in New Orleans. Her parents were sheltering upstairs at their neighbors during the storm and her mom tragically passed. Her father, thankfully, survived.

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Busy-ness & Baby Birds

I am busy – in the middle of an important phone call and simultaneously making dinner – when suddenly I am distracted by the sound of noisy birds outside my open door. I see House Finch low to the ground underneath Pinon Tree – flapping their wings and doing something unfamiliar to me.

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A Messy Monday

Have you ever done something so big – like making a dream purchase, celebrating a milestone, hiring a coach, declaring your truth – and then felt so small? Feelings of vulnerability, remorse, worry, and grief pop up unexpectedly.

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Best Decision I Ever Made

Five years ago my life changed for the better. It didn’t seem that way at the time, but as I look back today at the commitment I made to myself then, I am absolutely certain, it was the best decision I ever made.

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How do You Start Your Day?

Lately, I’ve been in a pattern of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning to check my text messages, email, and other notifications.

And, I felt gross.

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