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Self Care During Times Like These …

It’s been just over a week since the mob scene at the U.S. capital and my mind and nervous system are still recovering from the trauma and chaos. But before I go any further sharing my response and suggestions for how to self-care during times like these … I want to pause and acknowledge that I imagine not all people reading this will have the same opinion as mine.

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Life Minutes

While in the U.S., with Biden & Harris in leadership, it does feel like we have released the pressure cooker, however, I know as a global family we have lots of work to do, still. Here in Tesuque Valley, New Mexico, I am dreaming of, talking about and bubbling with ideas for how I can contribute.

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Happy New Year – 20 in 2020

Hi! It’s me, Jodi Golda! I know it’s been a long time since you have received any communication from me, but with me pulling the plug on my social media accounts & the new year, I couldn’t help but feel excited to connect with you here and now.

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