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Life-Giving Blogs

How do You Start Your Day?

Lately, I’ve been in a pattern of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning to check my text messages, email, and other notifications.

And, I felt gross.

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I was in India – Where were You?

This blog holds a lot of heart, healing and vulnerability. It’s my story of being abroad at the onset of the pandemic. My hope is that this piece inspires you to connect with, share about and perhaps write up your March 2020 life experience.

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Sensitive Subject + a Call for Kindness

A few weeks ago I got to visit with my family in Portland, Oregon. It was my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and my immediate family gathered for the first time since months before the onset of the pandemic. Side-note, my nephew JJ absolutely rocked reading from the Torah.

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It was an Act of Self Care

Being in my community (thank you!), you likely know that I recently made a big transition by ending my “home-free” stint and moving into a loft space in Santa Fe, New Mexico – Tewa Territory. The journey to get to this place where I am now, surprisingly, was not any easy choice. But it was an act of self-care …

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It’s OK to Grieve

I recently ended my 17-month stint of living “home-free” and am beginning a new chapter in Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Tewa Territory. It’s been two years since I sold my company, Next Generation Yoga, and I am now starting-up work since taking sabbatical.

Lot’s of change!

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Snake Medicine

On last Monday’s full moon, I had quite the animal encounter. It goes like this …

It’s 3pm and I am reclining on my couch with my feet up just after an hour-long business call where I said yes to joining a company to help home-owners go Solar. I am feeling wondrous and novel as this is a new territory for me.

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Happy Spring, Passover & Holi Forgiveness

Can you feel it? The potential for fresh energy?! On March 20th, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox blessed us with the coming of more day-light, fragrant weather and new growth. Passover is here, March 27th – April 2nd, and Easter too, April 4th.

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Celebrate Women

As we wake up to the fundamental need for human equality, it feels like the perfect time to put our attention on March’s celebration of Women’s History Month – where we are invited to reflect on the role of women in America.

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Thank You

Our human family is certainly experiencing life so unequally distributed, and my heart feels for those who are deep in it. I pray for your well-being, for a just world and for the healing of our Earth.

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