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A Favor 🙏🏻

I believe that success in your work-life is a direct reflection of the way in which you tend to your Self. That in embodying Self love—by consistently nurturing your body, living your spiritual practices, expressing your emotions, and honoring your needs and boundaries—you then have the inner resource and sustained energy to focus on and achieve your most desired business goals. 

This Summer I am creating the next iteration of my offerings and it would be incredibly helpful to have your input.  

Would you be willing to do me a favor and send me a message and take a few moments to share authentically with me:

  • Who are you? (Ie. Mom, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Nature Lover, Artist, Foodie, etc. Please tell me any of your identities knowing all parts of you matter!)
  • What Self care practices are you currently putting into action? (Ie. Eating less sugar, speaking your truth, getting quality sleep, holding your boundaries. Think physical, emotional, relational, spiritual!)
  • What work goal/s are you currently focusing on? (Ie. Starting up a new brand, hiring an assistant, creating a website, launching an online course, blogging regularly, pivoting your role. Remember no goal is considered small!)
  • What are you currently struggling with personally? (Ie. Anxiety, depression, transitioning out of a relationship, taking a big leap, trusting Life. There’s no wrong here, we all go through seasons of challenge. I’d love to know what’s authentic and true for you!)
  • What are you currently struggling with professionally? (Ie. Having a consistent stream of income, doing the work you know you are meant to do in the world, going for that big goal in your business, doing too much and craving more rest. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, every business has its challenges—so feel free to share yours.)

Truthfully, I hope that hitting reply and sharing about yourself is valuable in reflecting and getting to know your Self even more.

I so look forward to hearing from you and discovering the ways I can best support you.

I promise to write you back!



PS ~ Some writing music for you. 

PPS ~ Some after-writing music for you, in case you want to Rest, Ground, or Move.  

PPPS ~ Thank you for taking the time to tell me more about you—who you are, what you are focusing on, and what you are currently challenged by. I so look forward to hearing from you and will absolutely write you back!

PPPPS ~ I have two private coaching spots available this Summer. Email me if you’re interested in hopping on a call to set up your life and business with more alignment, ease, impact, purpose and prosperity. I’d love to support you!

Thanks for your read here.

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