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Life-Giving Blogs

I am Turning 50

Next Wednesday (4.24) I am turning 50. I’ve been thinking a lot about this milestone and how I’d like to mark it in a meaningful way (in addition to the gift of going to Barcelona with my Boo 🥳 🇪🇸🥂! So, no blog next week, btw!)

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Why I Moved to Portugal

When I moved to Portugal, there was nothing wrong with my life in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In fact, things were pretty good in my world. I had fabulous friendships, a beautiful home, a connection to the land, and was even beginning a long-distance relationship with my bestie in California. 🥰 🥰 🥰

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Update on My First Month Living in Portugal

I recently received multiple requests from email subscribers for an update on what my first month has been like since moving to Portugal. And, since I LOVE to honor your requests and write about things you want to hear

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