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23 in ’23

2023 included mystery, heartache, frustration, grief, and sadness. It also encompassed deep learning, career and personal growth, local and international adventures, extraordinary connections, and next-level love. Our lives are full spectrum, after all.

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Gifts for Your Heart

I sincerely hope this finds you indulging in all the ease, coziness, connection, spaciousness, meaning, and love that you deserve and desire during this sacred time of year. However you are being—I am wishing you a bright season and Happy New Year, too. It is an honor for me to share some gifts for your heart …

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Why Wait!?

This past Fall, I spent two months in Portugal. Like magic, as soon as I returned to the States—I felt my full YES to wanting to live there. At first, I told myself—I’ll move there in the Summer of 2024. But then, I heard a voice inside me. My higher wisdom voice, that told me: “Why wait!?” Aint those words of truth.

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A Business in Service to Your Nervous System

If you are an entrepreneur like me—then you probably started your business with the fabulous thought of “I’ll be so happy to set my own schedule and do things MY way!” Fast forward to now … Is your business driving you instead?

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60 Freaking Years!?!

Last week my inspiring parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Holy moly, my goddess, wow oh wow—60 freaking years!?! Even though I have been surrounded by their undying Love for my whole life—and truly it is remarkable—it still stops me in my tracks to digest the massive level of long-time commitment they’ve made to each other.

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