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Life-Giving Blogs

A Fearless Challenge

You may or may not have caught my involvement in a recent social media experiment where for the last 30 days I posted consistently on Facebook and Instagram—in my vulnerability, visibility, and value-ability.

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A Sweet Solstice Gift

Happy Summer Solstice! Yesterday was that powerful planetary moment, in the Northern Hemisphere, when the tilt of our globe brought us closest to the Sun—gifting us with the longest amount of day-light in the entire year. For many, it means the official start to Summer.

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My client Jules has a brilliant mind. She also has a dreamy mind. And a mind that loves shiny objects. Lately, we have been working on simplifying her business by building a strong foundation, and fiercely holding off on any of those distracting, trendy, and new opportunities that are great ideas—but for another time.

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