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Life-Giving Blogs

You are Invited for a Sacred Pause

With so much happening in the world—I am called to invite you for a sacred pause—to gather for connection, grounding, and nourishment. Please join me and other authentic and warm-hearted humans—for an Open Community Coaching Call: Friday, June 2nd at 9am PST / 12pm EST.

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You are Not Your Bank Account

Lately I have been having a recurring conversation with coaching clients and colleagues that seems to be in the collective field. It feels important to share it with you in case you are experiencing this phenomenon too. I know I have.

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Major Indecision

I just got off with a coaching client—we’ll call her Maya. She was having major indecision. Have you been there? I sure have! For Maya, it was the choice of whether to move into a community home in town where she could deepen with friends and tend to a group garden OR stay put in her sweet solo casita on land where it’s quiet and spacious.

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Four Years Ago …

Four years ago today I sold Next Generation Yoga, LLC. It was an act of Self love. In 2019, my kid’s yoga business was thriving, and I was at the peak of my career with purpose, impact, and income. I was decades in to building something out of nothing, traveling as a sought-after expert, generating a global brand, and pioneering a movement.

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