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Life-Giving Blogs

Gifts for the Heart

Hello and Happy Holidays, dear one! I hope you have been indulging in all the ease, cosiness, warmth, rest, connection, joy, and love that you deserve and desire during this sacred holy time. However, you have been celebrating—I am wishing you a nourishing season and Happy New Year, too!

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Will You Ask This Vulnerable Question?

As we drop in with the holy days, it is wholesome to slow down from busy-ness, to reflect on the past year, to gather with loved ones, and to appreciate all that we have. And while I am doing just that—after watching an inspiring short with Mel Robbins—I am also taking on a new end of the year ritual.

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Gray Hair

I have spent countless time, energy, and money on dying my hair. Whether it was to have a warm hue to match my skin tone or cover-up those undesirable grays—it has been a long journey of conforming my crown with societal norms. And, I am done!

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