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Life-Giving Blogs

Tender Hearts

The past two weeks have been tenderizing. I’ve had a relationship transition, a hurtful “ghosting” experience, the passing of my childhood best friend’s father, soooo much unknown, plus the fu*ked up political world we are living in—ouch! Do you also have a tender heart?

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Trust Your Self—You Always Know

This message is blessing and loving reminder to trust your Self because—you always know. The questions that you long to have the answers to—whether spiritual, relational, personal, or professional—reside inside of you.

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A Favor 🙏🏻

I believe that success in your work-life is a direct reflection of the way in which you tend to your Self. That in embodying Self love—by consistently nurturing your body, living your spiritual practices, expressing your emotions, and honoring your needs and boundaries—you then have the inner resource and sustained energy to focus on and achieve your most desired business goals. 

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