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Emotional Release

I am on day 33 of an Emotional Release practice—think healthy adult temper tantrum with breath, sound, and movement. Because emotions are abundant these days—wouldn’t you agree!? Fear, anger, sadness, frustration, piss-osity (I made up this last—but it’s how I feel sometimes—you!?!)

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Today is My Birthday!

Today is my 48th Birthday! And, before I head out to do one of my all-time favorite pastimes—soaking in hot springs with a soul sister—I wanted to touch in with you, as someone I sincerely care about.

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There was a time in my life where I ran my former Kids Yoga business more concerned about what others thought, than what was true for me. Ever been there!?

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Her Body Said STOP!

A year ago, Susanne was solo-entrepreneuring and running her full-time outdoor fitness business. She had a jam-packed schedule of classes, earned an income that sustained her, and was a sought-out leader in her community—known for her unique style of nature-based classes.

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A Cure for Busyness

We live in a world where busyness is glorified. Whether busyness to show off productivity, a time-filler, a fear of missing out, a necessity to make ends meet, a way of over-giving, an addiction, or even as a distraction (because who really wants to deal and feel all that’s going on in the world right now …)

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